10 Lines On Christmas In English For Student And Children’s

10 Lines On Christmas In English. Christmas is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It depicts the season of love, joy, and peace. Christmas Eve is celebrated with great joy and happiness. It reminds us of charity, humanity, and knowledge. It gives us an opportunity to improve our lives by helping less privileged people.

10 Lines On Christmas In English

10 Lines On Christmas In English For Student And Children’s

Christmas has its own unique traditions. The Christmas tree is decorated on Christmas Eve with lights, gifts, socks, miniatures, and more by parents and children. Gifts and wishes are placed under the Christmas tree and it’s believed to be opened on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas, people give each other gifts and celebrate the day with joy and happiness. The churches and homes are decorated with Christmas trees, electric bulbs, flower vases. The arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Day is considered very auspicious. Santa Claus also brings a lot of goodies with him. For children, this festival is a festival of great happiness because at this festival they get lots of gifts from their relatives.

On Christmas Day, the bells start ringing at midnight. People send greetings letters to their friends, neighbors, and relatives and celebrate Christmas Day by cutting cakes in their homes and offices. There is an atmosphere of happiness all-around at this festival.

Christmas is a festival of love, peace, and prosperity. At this festival, we get inspiration to walk on the path given by Lord Jesus, this festival is a festival of sharing happiness.

10 Lines On Christmas In English (Set – 1 )

  1. Two thousand years ago, which is long ago, in a place called Nazareth. Nazareth had a small settlement of people and cattle.
  2. There lived a woman named Mary in this house. Mary was very fond of lambs.
  3. Mary was not married and she lived by herself.
  4. One night while Mary was sleeping she felt the brightness of light on her.
  5. Mary woke up, saw, and asked – ” Who are you?” The response she got was ” I am an Angel”. Mary was stunned to see this.
  6. The Angel told Mary – ” You shall give birth to a baby boy in some time”. Hearing this Mary was shocked and scared.
  7. The Angel told Mary ” God has seen your simplicity, patience, hardworking attitude and chosen you. Soon you shall give birth to a son”.
  8. Mary accepted the message of the Angel. Mary lived by herself at home.
  9. To help her, a man named Joseph helped her.
  10. The next morning when Mary woke up she realized she was pregnant. She was uncomfortable and worried because she felt people would insult her.

10 Lines On Christmas In English (Set – 2 )

  1. Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem. They covered a long distance and reached Bethlehem.
  2. After arriving at Bethlehem Joseph asked Mary to sit at a spot and wait. Joseph walked around looking for a place to stay.
  3. He knocked on a door and asked for shelter. However, the place was already full.
  4. Joseph then went to another house, knocked on the door, and asked for a place to stay.
  5. The place too was full. He tried at many places but he was stuck.
  6. Joseph returned to Mary and told her, no place is vacant. All places are full.
  7. After thinking for a long time he thought of spending the night in a barn, where animals are kept.
  8. Mary agreed with Joseph. They both began moving towards a barn.
  9. Once they reached the barn Joseph asked Mary to rest. Joseph went away from the barn.
  10. After a while, Mary went into labor. She was going to deliver the baby.

10 Lines On Christmas In English (Set – 3 )

  1. The animals in the barn saw Mary in pain and they surrounded her to protect her.
  2. This was the night of 24th December. At midnight the beginning of 25th December Jesus Christ was born.
  3. That same night the same Angel appeared before three wise men.
  4. The Angel told the three wise men – ” the birth of Jesus is very significant”.
  5. “In the future, Jesus will be a great man”. ” He will inspire people and will guide them appropriately”.” Go and inform one and all”.
  6. Honoring the words of the Angel, the three wise men traveled to reach the place where Jesus was born.
  7. They praised the birth of Jesus and showered the baby and Mother Mary with gifts.
  8. This was the day Jesus Christ was born.
  9. Since then every year 25th December is celebrated all around the world.
  10. In all countries of the world, Christmas is celebrated on 25 December.

10 Lines On Christmas In English (Set – 4 )

  1. It is believed that Jesus Christ was sent by God to remove the misery of the people on earth and to eradicate the sin of the earth.
  2. On this day people visit their families and friends, exchange gifts and enjoy the festival.
  3. Often in the evening, people organize a feast where children decorate the Christmas tree.
  4. There is a buzz of dance and music all around. People stand around the ‘Christmas tree’ and pray to Jesus and wish happiness and prosperity to all.
  5. In many places, shopping malls are creatively decorated for Christmas.
  6. Christmas trees of various sizes, from the smallest to the largest are colorfully decorated with tassels and lights.
  7. On Christmas, Santa Claus comes to meet children and gives them gifts. Therefore, children are eagerly waiting for Christmas.
  8. Christmas is a festival that brings everyone closer and makes friends.
  9. Lord Jesus is considered as the protector of the world and his birthday is celebrated with much pomp and gaiety.
  10. Christmas is celebrated specially by the people of Christianity and it is considered to be their main festival.


The festival of Christmas is love, happiness, enthusiasm, and new joys. Everyone celebrates Christmas by distributing cake, chocolates and also celebrates this festival by dancing in front of the Christmas tree and singing Christmas songs.

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