10 Lines On Dussehra In English For Student And Children’s

10 Lines On Dussehra In English. India is a land of festivals and celebrations. One of the other festivals is celebrated in some parts of the country throughout the year. Like Holi, Durga pooja, Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Pongal, Baisakhi, Christmas, etc.

10 Lines On Dussehra In English

10 Lines On Dussehra In English For Student And Children’s

People in India exchange gifts and greetings. to convey the message of love, brotherhood, and unity. These festivals are celebrated by all Indians. Dussehra is an important festival. You know it is also known as Vijaydashmi. The name signifies the victory of Ram over Ravan. It is celebrated in the month of October.

Ravan was the king of Lanka. Dussehra marks the victory of good over evil. and eliminating vices like lying, stealing, lust, drugs, abuse, etc., and following the path of the virtues of unity, love, compassion, honesty, positive thinking. This is the significance of celebrating Dussehra.

Ten days before Dussehra, in towns and cities, a drama staged during the nights. In this, Ram & Ravan’s stories enacted. This is called Ramlila. In Ramlila, the stories, Ram’s life are enacted in the form of a drama for ten days. Thousands of people watch & listen to the Ramlila drama with great reverence & enjoyment.

The marriage of Ram with his wife Sita is celebrated with great spectacle and show. The marriage procession passes through the main streets of the city. The spectators line up in the streets to witness the sight. And they get to learn about the story of Dussehra and understand its teachings.

The markets and shops are decorated with lights. And it looks beautiful. Many stalls of sweets, gift shops, and toys like bow and arrow, swords,  are set up during the celebrations.

10 Lines On Dussehra In English { Set – 1 }

  1. Dussehra is the most important Hindu festival celebrated throughout the country every year.
  2. This festival commemorates the victory of Lord Rama over the demon Ravana.
  3. Goddess Durga is worshiped for the first nine days, hence it is called Dussehra.
  4. Dussehra gives us the message that righteousness always wins in the battle of right and wrong.
  5. Dussehra falls 20 days before Diwali every year in the month of September or October.
  6. People and children watched the fair including Ram-Leela throughout the night.
  7. Various important events of Lord Rama’s life are performed by real people in Ram Leela.
  8. Thousands of people from the surrounding area gathered at Ramlila Maidan to enjoy the show.
  9. Different parts of the country have different traditions and customs for celebrating Dussehra.
  10. The celebration of Rama Leela behind celebrating Vijayadashami reflects the mythology.

10 Lines On Dussehra In English { Set – 2 } 

  1. Dussehra is an important festival of Hindus and is celebrated with great pomp every year.
  2. Lord Rama killed Ravana on this day and Goddess Durga conquered Mahishasura.
  3. It is celebrated as the win of truth over untruth, hence Dussehra is also known as ‘Vijayadashami’.
  4. This festival teaches us how one can win over the untruth with the help of truth.
  5. A fair is organized on this day in many places.
  6. Many people On that day go to the Dussehra ground to see the effigies of Ravana.
  7. Dussehra is considered to be the last part of Navratri and Ramlila and the beginning of Diwali.
  8. In the southern part of Bharat, this festival is celebrated as Saraswati Puja and in the eastern part, it’s celebrated as Durga Puja.
  9. Dussehra is also one such festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country.
  10. This festival is celebrated on the tenth day of the duty side of Ashwin month.

10 Lines On Dussehra In English { Set – 3 } 

  1. Dussehra is the festival of the victory of good over evil.
  2. The religious significance of this festival is based on the story of Ramayana.
  3. On this day, King Rama of Ayodhya defeated the king of Lanka, Ravana.
  4. Hindus celebrate this festival with great pomp. Ten days before Ramlila starts in every city and street.
  5. Children buy toys of masks, bows, and arrows, and mace of Ramlila characters sold in the markets.
  6. The effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, and Meghnad are already erected in the ground.
  7. Everyone returns home happily by cremating Ravana.
  8. On this occasion, the Goddess of power, Durga, who destroys sinners, is also worshiped.
  9. This festival is considered very auspicious in Indian society.
  10. This festival brings new energy, new life, and new enthusiasm to our life.

10 Lines On Dussehra In English { Set – 4 }

  1. Outside the city in open ground, a grand celebration is held. Three big effigies are set up there.
  2. The first effigy is of Ravan’s brother Kumbha Karna. He was Ravan’s brother who slept for months and ate a lot and was a giant.
  3. Second effigy is of Ravan.And the third one is of his son Meghnath. These three are put up in the
  4. Men, women, and children wear festive clothes. Like suits, dhoti, saree, kurta, turbans, etc.
  5. Two to three hours before sunset, all the people gather on the ground. The whole ground hums with life.
  6. People enjoy, have fun, and amusement in the rides. People stand in an open circle around the three effigies to enjoy the celebration.
  7. Towards sunset, fireworks are let off. The sky fills up with lights and the people are entertained.
  8. Then Ram & his brother Lakshman come in a chariot. The three effigies are shot by Ram with arrows. and they are set on fire.
  9. They start burning off Crackers and shells explode with a deafening sound.
  10. People get amused by the display. Soon the statues are reduced to ashes. After this, people return home in a joyous mood.


 Dussehra gives us a positive message of victory of virtue over vice and good over evil. It is the celebration of a renewed pure heart. Joy, love, sharing, and unity.

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