10 Lines On Independence Day In English For Student And Children’s

10 Lines On Independence Day In English. 15 of august is a very important day for our nation. On the 15th of August 1947, We got freedom from British rules. During British rule, children were not allowed to go to school. No one could do business independently. The condition of women was pathetic.

10 Lines On Independence Day

10 Lines On Independence Day In English For Student And Children’s

People were harassed by Britishmen and treated like slaves. People of India suffered cruel behavior of Britishers for many years. Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, and many others raised their voice against Britishers and sacrificed their lives for our country.

Today we have liberty in several fields such as education, sports, business, and many more. We should salute all the freedom fighters because they are real national heroes. We salute the Indian Army who sacrificed their lives to serve us a better life.

After independence still, our country is not developed.  We got freedom from British rules But we are surrounded by several editions Such as terrorism, violence, corruption, and many more.

Corruption is everywhere. You have to give a donation, If you want admission to a good college or school. If you want to buy a home. You have to give extra money via the back door.  It affects the growth and development Of the nation in all aspects socially and economically.

We should respect our society. We should respect and help each other. As we know we are living in a new generation. We have the power of high technology We have the power of social media When we see any accident on road. We move forward to help them, not to help us go ahead towards them with our mobile.

We start to set the angle of our mobile. We get busy zooming in, We try to cover the blood spot as much as we can.

Swami Vivekananda taught us the lesson of brotherhood but what are we doing? We are intended on killing one another for just a small thing You must have seen such news on television We are being selfish our humanity and sympathy have gone. We have got much knowledge in the world of the internet, But our thinking power is getting and less.

People of the old generation could do any calculation on their fingers And we need a calculator to do the same.  In the old generation, people kept all the contact no. in their minds. But what about us we are not able to tell our number without searching on mobile.

So my friends we all must take the oath to make our country clean, corruption-free, well cultured So that we could get the title of India back “The golden Bird India” Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

10 Lines On Independence Day In English ( Set – 1 )

  1. August 15 has always been so special to us that a day when we remember all the glory of our country.
  2. We remember the struggles, rebellions, and efforts of Indian freedom fighters fighting Indian independence.
  3. India’s Independence Day not only signifies India’s independence from the rule of the British Raj, but it also shows the power of this country.
  4. After suffering slavery by the British for many years, our country got freedom on 15 August 1947″.
  5. On this occasion, the Prime Minister of the country hoists the national flag from the Red Fort.
  6. Our country has only moved forward day by day and is on its way to becoming a superpower.
  7. The country has only moved forward day by day and is on its way to becoming a superpower.
  8. We are a country of vast diversity, and our unity makes us a strong nation.
  9. From technology to agriculture we are one of the top countries in the world, and there is no going back.
  10. As we remember all the achievements of our country on Independence Day, let us not forget our soldiers.

10 Lines On Independence Day In English ( Set – 2 )

  1. Today is India a slave to anyone or is India a free country? What do you all think? Today we are a free country.
  2. We got this freedom on 15 August 1947. You all know this, isn’t it.
  3. How did we get this freedom? Let us tell you.
  4. In the olden days, agriculture and farming were widespread in India.
  5. Different types of fruits, vegetables, and various crops were grown here.
  6. This country had expensive ornaments, many treasures and was rich in every form.
  7. All people ran their own businesses. They did not face any challenges.
  8. Everything was functioning well. India was well known across the globe. People would always praise India.
  9. People from a foreign land would come here and purchase goods of their choice and take them with them.
  10. Time and again they would visit India.

10 Lines On Independence Day In English ( Set – 3 )

  1. Indian fame reached the Britishers too. This led to their visits to India.
  2. They too were attracted to the richness of the Indian bounties. Thus began an exchange of goods between them and India.
  3. They would sell Indian goods in their country. This continued for a long time.
  4. Then with a plan in mind, they began strategizing and entered India.
  5. During that period India was ruled by kings in various states.
  6. The Britishers very craftily began taking control of India. Slowly they captured the entire country.
  7. They occupied status and made the kings their slaves. They began oppressing the Indian authorities.
  8. The atrocities increased on the people of India. The Britishers began ruling India.
  9. They would oppress and mistreat the farmers.
  10. The Indian farmers suffered extreme pain and difficulties.

10 Lines On Independence Day In English ( Set – 4 )

  1. When the Indian leaders returned to India and saw the painful plight of the people they objected and raised a voice against the oppression.
  2. One among those great leaders was Mahatma Gandhi. He was not alone. There were many leaders working with him.
  3. They all were well educated and well-versed. They received their education in Law from universities in Australia, England, America and returned to India.
  4. They got together to fight against the atrocities placed on Indians and worked relentlessly.
  5. There were many discussions regarding the violence, fights, and oppression meted out on Indians.
  6. The fight against the British continued. In the end, the British accepted their defeat and had to leave India.
  7. India thus became a free country in 1947. Today India is a free country.
  8. We all have Human Right What is the main goal of this freedom? To protect our country.
  9. If any foreigner tries to cross our borders to enter our country, who holds the responsibility to protect our country? The Indian Army.
  10. They protect the entire Indian border safeguarding India and our National Flag. We Salute Them!


Thank you to our brave soldiers so we can live in peace in our country because we know that they are always there to protect us. Let us be inspired by our soldiers and work together to make our country a better place to live.

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