10 Lines On Republic Day In English For Student And Children’s

10 Lines On Republic Day In English – Republic Day is one of the most important days of India. It’s celebrated with great respect and enthusiasm by every caste and religion. This special day is celebrated with great pomp across the country. Various types of programs are organized such as Parade, cultural, etc all over the country on the occasion of 26 January.

10 Lines On Republic Day In English

10 Lines On Republic Day In English For Student And Children’s

On 15 August 1947, our country got freedom from the Britishers but 26 January is also special for India because the Constitution of India was implemented by removing the Government of India Act 1935 of 1950 on the same day.

Every year on this occasion of Republic Day, a beautiful and huge parade is organized from India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan and the national flag is hoisted by the President of India.

After the flag hoisting, a 21-gun salute is offered during the national anthem. It begins with the national anthem and ends the national anthem.

Soldiers of the Indian Army display various types of peep and bravery. Different types of programs are organized in schools and colleges. Sweets are distributed among children.

10 Lines On Republic Day In English { Set-1 }

  1. Long long ago, the British had captured India. Due to this Indians suffered through many atrocities.
  2. Indians fought many battles, struggled, and made many sacrifices. Finally, the British ruler had to accept defeat and leave India.
  3. We got Independence on 15 August 1947. On this day we won our Independence and our National Flag was hoisted.
  4. At that time there were no norms, rules, or laws for the leaders to help them rule the country.
  5. The many leaders of India sat together and discussed the many aspects that are required to create a fair law for the country.
  6. They put together their thoughts, experiences and worked for a long period, and formulated our Indian Constitution.
  7. The day was 26 January 1950 when the Indian National Flag was hoisted once again and the Constitution came into effect.
  8. Since then every year we celebrate 26 January as Indian Republic Day.
  9. Healthy food, education, shelter, protection, recognition of the people, respect to people of all religions, a society free of any racial discrimination, equality for all, and respect for all.
  10. All citizens have fundamental rights.

10 Lines On Republic Day In English { Set-2 }

  1. Indian is made up of many states and regions. In our country, we have a President, Chief Minister, and Prime Minister.
  2. Posts are elected through a Democratic Voting system.
  3. These elected representatives then are given the power to manage the country.
  4. If the citizens face any issues they can take their issues to these elected officials. The government official then finds solutions to these issues for the citizens.
  5. All citizens need a good education system, a good security system, providing equality and respect for each and every religion in the country.
  6. The government works for the people. The citizens of the country develop and progress for a better future.
  7. After a government is elected, the Constitution is followed to manage and run the country.
  8. Through this, every citizen’s basic rights are protected.
  9. If there was no Constitution in place, then government officials could easily discriminate, ill-treat and abuse the citizens.
  10. Corruption would be widespread. Government officials would only think of their personal gains and benefits. With this, the citizens would suffer face losses and oppression.

10 Lines On Republic Day In English { Set-3 }

  1. The government has to follow the Constitution in managing the country.
  2. The Constitution is a Supreme Law. An elected member of the government manages his role and responsibilities by following the Laws set within the Constitution.
  3. Just as we have the Indian Constitution, in the same way the other countries of the world have their own constitutions. All countries have a Constitution to follow.
  4. However, the first Constitution was created by America in 1787.
  5. After that, over the years other countries started formulating their own Constitutions.
  6. The Constitution of India was brought into effect in 1950.
  7. Most of the countries across the globe have their Constitution, however, their Constitutions are not very lengthy.
  8. In comparison to their Constitutions, our Indian Constitution is the only lengthiest Constitution.
  9. Besides this India is the largest democratic country in the world.
  10. The Indian Constitution has listed many laws.

10 Lines On Republic Day In English { Set-4 }

  1. The Fundamental Rights of the Citizens are Right to Equality means Based on this there shall be no gender discrimination among the citizens.
  2. There shall be no discrimination based on caste and creed. All shall be treated with respect and with equality.
  3. No citizen shall be exploited or inhuman behavior in any form. Every citizen has the right to live his life in a free society.
  4. According to the Constitution exploitation of any citizen, like the rape of women, child abuse, and exploitation, low wages to laborers is forbidden by law.
  5. According to this people of all religions have equal rights.
  6. We cannot compare or discriminate on the basis of religion. All citizens have the right to follow and practice a religion of their choice.
  7. The Fundamental Rights of any citizen are violated, or if a citizen is not given his fundamental Rights, then he/she can reach out to the Supreme Court for the protection of his Rights.
  8. Many Indian leaders worked together in drafting and creating the Indian Constitution.
  9. However, the major contribution in drafting and creating the Indian Constitution was by Dr. BhimRao Ambedkar.
  10. This Constitution came into effect on 26 January 1950. This is why we celebrate this day every year.


India is a country where people of many religions live together. The Constitution is the link that unites all the people of the country in the thread of unity.  It is a festival which is celebrated with the same spirit by all the people all over the country.  Republic day is a day that enhances the country’s loyalty to the Constitution and enhances the feeling of patriotism.

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