10 Lines On Sachin Tendulkar For Student And Children’s

10 Lines On Sachin Tendulkar. All of us know that Cricket is the most worshipped religion in our country and Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket. He is the batsman with the most number of international runs in the history of the game. From childhood, Sachin Tendulkar’s dream was to lift the world cup trophy for Team India, and for this, he scores the most number runs in the 2003 ICC World Cup. But he was unfortunate as Australia defeated India in that match and we lost the World Cup final.

10 Lines On Sachin Tendulkar

10 Lines On Sachin Tendulkar For Student And Children’s

It was in the year 2011 and on the date of 2nd April in Mumbai that a young guy from very humble beginnings named Mahendra Singh Dhoni accomplished his dream by hitting a straight six against Sri Lanka. Our country won that match and we lifted the world cup after 28 years.

There is also an alternate theory regarding Sachin Tendulkar. Most of the people say that he was a selfish cricketer and only played for himself. Such people state the logic of the difference between the number of innings he played between his 99th International ton and 100th international century.

But no one can deny the fact that he was, he is, and he will the greatest player of the game till eternity!

10 Lines on Sachin Tendulkar { Set – 1 }

  1. Sachin Tendulkar is known as the God of Cricket.
  2. He has the most number of centuries against his name in the history of the game.
  3. He is the cricketer who has the most number of runs in World Cups and a World Cup separately as well.
  4. He is the only batsman in the history of Cricket to score 100 International centuries.
  5. Whenever Sachin used to play cricket, his mother doesn’t use to watch the match. Instead, she used to sit in the temple at her home and pray for his son.
  6. The same thing was done by his wife Anjali Tendulkar.
  7. Sachin and Anjali are blessed with 2 children – Sara Tendulkar and Arjun Tendulkar.
  8. Arjun Tendulkar has been recently in the news for his auction in IPL 2021. He was sold to Mumbai Indians for 20 lakh rupees.
  9. Sara Tendulkar is rumored to be dating young Indian cricketer Shubman Gill.
  10. Sachin Tendulkar is respected all around the cricketing world for his contributions towards the game for his country.

10 Lines on Sachin Tendulkar { Set – 2 }

  1. Sachin Tendulkar is the most loved son of Indian soil.
  2. He is respected all over India and around the world and has been awarded the highest civilian award of India i.e. The Bharat Ratna.
  3. Post-retirement, he has been guiding individuals for wearing helmets while traveling.
  4. Recently, he has been a topic of a troll by leftists and liberals of India for discouraging the propaganda against India at the global level.
  5. This outrage against him was a result of when he condemned Rihanna and Greta Thunberg’s tweets supporting the farmer protests in India.
  6. Yuvraj Singh has saved the name of Sachin in his smartphone as ‘God’.
  7. For each generation, Sachin is an inspiration that no matter how big your dreams are, they can be accomplished if you have the courage and determination to achieve them.
  8. Sachin also set afoot his politics by joining the Indian National Congress party.
  9. His date of birth is the 24th of April and the year he was born was 1973.
  10. Sachin Tendulkar has great respect for his coach and gives him all the credit for who he is, right now in the cricketing world and life as well.

10 Lines on Sachin Tendulkar { Set – 3 }

  1. Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell speech is one of the most emotional moments of the cricketing world.
  2. Very few people know that the mother of Sachin Tendulkar, who is a lady named Rajini used to work in an insurance company.
  3. Sachin Tendulkar’s father was a novelist and a poet.
  4. Do you know that the God of Cricket has an immense interest in Tennis from his childhood days?
  5. Ramakant Achrekar was a famous Indian cricket coach who coached Sachin Tendulkar.
  6. This great man scored a century in his debut Ranji match as well.
  7. But this great man was unfortunate in his debut Test match against Pakistan on the date of 15th of November, 1989. He only scored just 15 runs in that match.
  8. If you think that this was bad luck, there was more in destiny’s bank for him. He was out for a duck in his debut match against Pakistan on the date of 18th of December, 1989.
  9. Million hearts cried when Sachin Tendulkar took retirement from all forms of international Cricket on the 16th of November, in the year 2013.
  10. Many critics of Cricket believe that if after Sir Don Bradman, any cricketer can be termed as the best batsman of all times, then it would be one and only Sachin Tendulkar.

10 Lines on Sachin Tendulkar { Set – 4 }

  1. The God of Cricket, The Greatest Batsman of all time is Sachin Tendulkar.
  2. Sachin Tendulkar is the youngest cricketer in the history of the game to score a century in the debut Ranji match.
  3. Sachin Tendulkar is the first cricketer in the history of Cricket to score a double century in a one-day international.
  4. This feat of his came against the dominant and challenging team of South Africa.
  5. It was in the year 1988 and at the Brabourne Stadium against Australia that he scored his first 200.
  6. Sachin Tendulkar is the youngest player in the history of Cricket to score a century in a Test match.
  7. Sachin was also made the captain of the Indian Cricket Team but he resigned from the captainship as it deteriorated his form.
  8. According to Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the best captain under which he has played.
  9. This great legend has also been in the ICC Cricket Hall of the Fame’ in the year 2019.
  10. His anniversary date is the 24th of May in the year 1995 and his spouse is Anjali Mehta.


 Great players like Sachin Tendulkar are rarely born on earth. He’s an inspiration for many youngsters who are pursuing their careers in cricket. He’s proud of India and will be always present in the heart of every Indian.

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