10 Lines On Social Media For Student And Children’s

10 Lines On Social Media. Social media is one of the biggest elements present in our lives today. You can get information and talk to your loved ones in any corner of the world. Social media is connected to our lives.

The youth is the future of our country, they can make or break the economy of the country, while their most active on social networking sites, is highly impacting them. Today platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are being widely used. They have become very popular among teachers, professors, and students.

10 Lines On Social Media

10 Lines On Social Media For Student And Children’s

Nowadays, rarely you’ll find someone who doesn’t use social media. Children, youngsters, and seniors are active on social media.  Sometimes people leave important things and stay on the platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter.

In this era of the internet, we cannot ignore social media. It also has many benefits in our lives.  But many people have started getting addicted to it and it has started giving a negative effect.  Excessive use of social media can be troublesome for us.

There are many disadvantages of social media.  Today, cases of online bullying and online side effects are increasing.  It has been revealed by many pieces of research that if we take more time out of our online world than necessary, then it can affect our brain and mental state may decline.

10 Lines On Social Media (Set – 1) 

  1. Social Media is a network to stay connected with friends and family.
  2. It is an internet-based means of maintaining various types of information and communication with people.
  3. In simple language, it is a platform where you can put your mind in front of the whole world.
  4. Social media has become an important part of our life.
  5. Today social media has brought the whole world on one platform.
  6. There is hardly anyone who does not know about social media, but there are many people who are not fully aware of social media.
  7. Social media can be used in many ways either to promote positivity or spread negativity in society.
  8. Lots of information that is shared on social media is fake and it’s hard to stop the spread.
  9. The information can be presented by twisting in any way.
  10. Misleading information creates hatred among people. And it also can have many bad effects on people and society.

10 Lines On Social Media (Set – 2)

  1. Have you ever posted on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram or any other social network for the sake of getting likes or comments?
  2. If the answer is yes, then your mind has been psychologically conditioned by social media companies.
  3. A former Facebook executive and an Ex-Vice President of user growth at Facebook Chamath have released the truth about social media.
  4. When he worked at Facebook, to make people use Facebook often, they did certain things for which he felt ‘tremendous guilt’.
  5. Facebook and other social networks psychologically program us for their profit.
  6. So, how do they program our minds? Have you ever heard of dopamine?
  7. Dopamine is synthesized in our brain by neurons as an organic chemical.
  8. For example, You acted raise or a reward for your action, then the neurons in your brain release dopamine.
  9. As a result of this, your brain will stop worrying and excites your mind.
  10. But this is not a permanent excitement. After a few hours, all this excitement will disappear. Again your mind will make you engage in this reward-motivated behavior. As a result, you will perform this action again.

10 Lines On Social Media (Set – 3)

  1. Coffee, smoking, alcohol and drug addiction are also caused by this dopamine release.
  2. Dopamine and social media can be related.
  3. For example, You have made a post on Facebook or Twitter or Whatsapp or Instagram.
  4. And your friends “Like” “Reply” or “Comment” on your post.
  5. Then the neurons in your brain will take this as a reward for your action. and releases dopamine.
  6. You will feel the excitement. After a certain amount of time, you will feel the urge to post again on social media.
  7. Your mind will be conditioned to post often.
  8. This not only applies to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but also applies to instant messaging tools like Whatsapp.
  9. For example: In a Whatsapp group, you have sent a forward message. Your friends read your message and appreciate you for it.
  10. This will condition your brain to send forward messages every day as a reward-motivated behavior. As a result, you will use Whatsapp often. Now, let’s keep aside the dopamine feedback loop.

10 Lines On Social Media (Set – 4)

  1. In recent years, misinformation has become a norm in social media.
  2. People do not research whether a piece of news is true or not.
  3. Fake news spreads faster than truth on social media.
  4. Nobody thinks about the consequences of false news.
  5. Social media is being weaponized in the hands of rich and bad people.
  6. They can manipulate people on social media to do whatever they want them to do.
  7. Social media allows these bad actors to manipulate people.
  8. Because social media companies have been profiting from these actions.
  9. In many countries like India and America, people are being manipulated to vote for certain political parties in major elections via social media posts and adverts
  10. It is high time that we need to protect ourselves from becoming a slave to social media.


Millions of people around the world use social media every day.  Social media has both positive and negative aspects. If social media is used properly then it can give great benefits to mankind.

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