10 Lines On Soil Pollution For Kids And Student’s

10 Lines On Soil Pollution. Soil pollution is a phenomenon related to land degradation that is caused due to human-made or ‘Xenobiotic’ and cancerous chemicals and materials or ‘Carcinogenic’ into the soil. Usually, it is caused by the insecticides, pesticides, and industrialization used in the irregular waste disposal and agricultural field.

10 Lines On Soil Pollution

10 Lines On Soil Pollution For Kids And Student’s

The most common types of chemicals that are the root cause of soil pollution are petroleum products like heavy metals and lead, hydrocarbons, etc.

Soil pollution is very closely related to the rapid and excessive use of chemicals and industrialization. The effects caused by soil pollution are easily visible on the health, either indirectly with the water that is lying under the polluted soil or from getting it from the direct contact of the contaminated soil.

Soil is a very vital part of our nature that provides us with agricultural food grains, fruits, food, plants, and trees. It won’t be wrong if we say and believe that we are heavily and highly dependent on soil also. Without soil, life on earth is not possible as there will be 0 productions. We have to preserve soil so that every living species on this earth can thrive peacefully and therefore, we should put efforts to curb this menace which is known as soil pollution.

10 Lines on Soil Pollution ( Set – 1 )

  1. Soil pollution can be referred as the contamination of severe and harmful chemicals into the soil.
  2. Industrialization is the main factor that is responsible for soil pollution nowadays.
  3. Other factors contributing to soil pollution are heavy and high use of insecticides and pesticides on agricultural land.
  4. The most common types of chemicals that are responsible for soil pollution are heavy metals, lead, carbon compounds, and petroleum products.
  5. One of the causes of soil pollution that causes a reduction in soil fertility are the harmful irrigation practices.
  6. Other factor of soil pollution is acid rain.
  7. This is caused by the obnoxious gases when they are contaminated with the clouds.
  8. Leakage of petrol or fuel from vehicles spread out on the land of earth and they go deep inside the soil and contaminate it when rain occurs.
  9. Improper practices of waste management by which the waste is thrown in the big and massive dumping ground also contaminates the soil.
  10. Soil pollution kills the fertility and productivity of soil with the aid of harmful chemicals, and thus the yields of such soil can make us sick, really sick.

10 Lines on Soil Pollution ( Set – 2 )

  1. Soil is a very important asset of mother earth with the help of which all types of food, plants, and trees are grown, but soil pollution is a major problem that is regularly and continuously decreasing and harming the quality of the soil.
  2. Fruits, vegetables, and food grains that will grow in the contaminated soil will eventually absorb all the bad chemicals and will result in the sickness of humans.
  3. Soil pollution will also affect the growth of plants and trees as the contamination will harm them and change their life cycle.
  4. The fertility of such land will eventually and gradually end and that piece of land will prove hazardous and such piece of land will be left barren forever.
  5. The emission and spread of toxic gases pose serious damage to the health of human beings and other living species and creatures.
  6. The change in soil pattern and structure will lead to the death of many organisms like earthworms and therefore, it will force other predators to move out of that area.
  7. Among other harmful pollutants, soil also consists of carcinogenic elements.
  8. These elements and materials are responsible for causing severe ailments in human beings.
  9. Soil pollution also affects the economy of a nation as the land becomes barren due to the pollution of soil and the agricultural and related activities will be lost.
  10. Continuous and regular deforestation has also increased soil pollution as forests provides us with oxygen and control soil erosion and thus the potential of soil is lost.

10 Lines on Soil Pollution ( Set – 3 )

  1. Quarrying of minerals and continuous mining are responsible for soil pollution.
  2. Illegal dumping grounds are constructed nearby the water bodies which is also a big factor contributing to soil pollution.
  3. Soil pollution means the contamination of fertile soil that eventually and gradually has an adverse effect on the yield of crops and health.
  4. Increasing consumption of several chemical fertilizers and increasing industrialization on fertile lands are constantly changing the soil structure.
  5. All the fertile land is getting degraded day by day.
  6. The major sources of soil pollution are incorrect agricultural practices, and radioactive pollutants.
  7. Also, biological agents and metal pollutants contribute to soil pollution.
  8. We must take immediate effects to curb the effects of soil pollution.
  9. It is degrading our food cycle and is a threat to many living species on earth.
  10. Industrial waste that is released by the industrial processes also hamper the quality of soil and lead to soil pollution.

10 Lines on Soil Pollution ( Set – 4 )

  1. Soil pollution completely disturbs and destroys the level of minerals and soil texture.
  2. It reduces the fertility of soil.
  3. It also affects the living species of the soil directly.
  4. Some sources of soil pollution are mining practices, food processing waste, and municipal waste piles.
  5. Soil pollution is very, very dangerous for the health of living species.
  6. This is because the harmful and toxic chemicals will enter the body of the human species via the food chain and spoil it.
  7. To prohibit and reduce soil pollution all effective and efficient control measures that also include environmental protection laws should be abided by and followed vigorously.
  8. Soil is that natural resource on our planet that supports the life of plants and animals since the Earth is formed.
  9. Soil is being regularly and continuously polluted by the use of pesticides, and fertilizers.
  10. Due to the chemical action, the soil nutrients are destroyed from the accumulation of undesirable foreign elements present in the soil.


Today a big part of the world is suffering from many types of diseases due to Soil pollution, including dangerous diseases like cancer. We need to stop it as soon as possible.

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