10 Lines On Teachers Day For Students And Children In English

10 Lines on Teachers Day. Teachers are treated like gods in our country and it will be a shame if we couldn’t dedicate a day to them for all that they do for us throughout the year. Therefore, to thank our beloved teachers for their compassion and dedication, we celebrate Teacher’s Day every year on the 5th of September. 5th September is also the birth date of a great scholar and India’s 2nd President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Ji. He worked hard for the development of education in our country.

10 Lines On Teachers Day


10 Lines On Teachers Day For Students And Children In English

He was also the 1st vice president of the largest democracy in the world. He was a great scholar who loved his profession way too much. During his end time, his beloved students asked him that what is it that they can do for him.

He said that if they really want to do something for him, then they should dedicate a day to teachers all across the country for the work they do and for their commitment. Thus, from the year 1962, Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year across the country with great zeal and enthusiasm on the 5th of September i.e. the birth date of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Ji.

10 Lines On Teachers Day ( Set – 1 )

  1. Our teachers are very kind and helpful to us.
  2. Without them, we cannot shape our future.
  3. They work really hard for the development of our future.
  4. Being a teacher is one of the most difficult professions and therefore, teachers deserve a day of their own for the work they do towards the children and society overall.
  5. Teacher’s Day is celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm in schools and colleges across the country.
  6. Classrooms and boards are decorated during the teacher’s day.
  7. Students also gift precious gifts to their beloved teachers.
  8. All in all, it is a day to make teachers feel special about their contributions to the life of students and society.
  9. After parents, the highest place is given to our teachers.
  10. Many performances are also conducted on Teacher’s Day and few schools also remain close so that the teachers can have a day off.

10 Lines On Teachers Day ( Set – 2 )

  1. Teachers form the building block of our future.
  2. Without teachers, we are nothing.
  3. In India, every year of 5th of September the students celebrate the teacher’s day with great passion.
  4. It is a day that is dedicated to the hard work, compassion, and dedication to the teachers all over the country.
  5. It is also celebrated in remembrance of the 1st vice president and 2nd president of our country Shri Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Ji.
  6. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a great scholar of his time.
  7. He loved teaching very much and has taught in many notable and prestigious colleges across the nation in various big cities such as Chennai and Kolkata.
  8. Teacher’s Day is being celebrated on the 5th of September from the year 1962.
  9. Apart from our country, Teacher’s Day is celebrated in other 21 nations on the same date across the world.
  10. At the end, I just want to say that there is no bigger profession than teaching as in this profession, a teacher selflessly imparts knowledge to the students for shaping their future.

10 Lines On Teachers Day ( Set – 3 )

  1. Across the world, Teacher’s Day is a mark of respect for the teachers for the job they do.
  2. Amidst all the hassle, we really do not realize that this one day i.e. Teacher’s Day means a lot to them.
  3. Students decorate the classrooms for their teachers and also give their teachers precious gifts.
  4. Many singing and dance performances are also arranged for teachers.
  5. Several nations across the world celebrate Teacher’s day on different days to remember prominent personalities of their respective nations.
  6. In India, Teacher’s Day is observed on the 5th of September every year in the remembrance of 1st vice president and 2nd president of the largest democracy in the world India.
  7. He worked extremely hard towards the development of teaching profession in our nation and took several steps for the same.
  8. Teachers Day is a symbol that without our teachers we are nothing as they are the building stones of our future, and without them, we cannot become successful in our lives.
  9. Therefore, to honour our respected and beloved teachers, students from all over the nation celebrated this day in a grand and pompous manner.
  10. Overall, it is a fun day at schools and colleges all over the nation.

10 Lines On Teachers Day ( Set – 4 )

  1. In India, our teachers are like gods to us. They help shape our future by teaching us selflessly.
  2. Teachers’ day fell on the date of 5th of September every year in our country.
  3. On this day, sweets are distributed across the schools and colleges by the school and college management respectively.
  4. Cultural performances are also arranged on this occasion.
  5. Teachers Day is celebrated in the remembrance of the 2nd president Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ji who was a great teacher and scholar of his time.
  6. He taught in many prestigious colleges in Chennai and Kolkata.
  7. We all have grown up listening and learning the story of Eklavya and Dronacharya that Eklavya without thinking that he won’t be able to play archery in the future, cut his thumb, and gifted his thumb to his teacher Dronacharya Ji.
  8. This feeling of respect is missing in today’s generation of students. Even in these tiring and challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic teachers have gone out of the way to learn technology for teaching students so that their future didn’t get hindered.
  9. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each and every student that he or she should respect their teachers with all their heart and soul.
  10. Teacher’s Day is celebrated by different nations on different dates and on the 5th of September, 21 nations along with India celebrate this auspicious and prestigious day honoring our beloved teachers.


Parents help children to meet their needs but teachers help them to build confidence in them and nurture their future.  Without a teacher there is no knowledge, this is not a proverb but truth.

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