Essay On Autobiography Of A Book For Students And Children

Essay On Autobiography Of A Book For Students And Children. A book is not just a book, for some people, it’s a life. A book can change a person’s thinking and way of living life. In this article, we’ve written an essay on autobiography of a Book.

Essay On Autobiography Of A Book

Essay On Autobiography Of A Book For Students And Children

Essay On Autobiography Of A Book (100 Words)

I am a book. I am writing my autobiography to establish my significance which is getting blurred due to technology.

I am a man’s best friend. I can be found in large numbers in a library. I educate people on a plethora of topics- politics, history, geography, maths, etc. I am basically a bundle of symmetrical pages. These pages contain texts and pictures. My best friend is a pen. Whenever someone writes with a pen on me, I feel good. I don’t like bookworms. They are my enemies who try to eat my pages. When people don’t need me, they give me to someone else.

Essay On Autobiography Of A Book (200 Words)

Hello friends, I am a book. The words ‘Senior English Grammar and Composition’ are written on my cover page. So, I am an English Grammar Book.

I was born in the printing press of a renowned publishing house in Mumbai several years ago. When I was new, I wore a deep blue and shiny cover which has faded with time and become dull.

In the press, I had many friends like me. One day, we all were packed in boxes and sent to different book stores in India. I was sent to a book store in New Delhi and kept on a bookshelf. Many people come here to visit the book store. I saw people purchasing different books. Some people also open me, flipped through my pages and then keep me back. One lucky day, a young girl bought me.

She took me to her home. She studies in the ninth standard and was weak in English. She learned and practiced all the nuances of grammar from me. Now, she is doing much better. She has learned the usage of nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, tenses and prepositions because of me. She keeps me on her study table. I am very happy with my new owner.

Essay On Autobiography Of A Book (300 Words)

I am a tenth standard Maths NCERT book. I was born in a printing press of a publishing house. The process of binding several pages to make me was very painful. I had many friends who looked just like me. When I was born, my pages looked fresh and smelled nice.

One day, we were transported to a book store in Delhi. I was kept in a bookshelf with my other friends. I would see customers coming daily and buying books of their choice. One by one, all my friends also left me. Now, I was feeling bored. I was anxiously waiting for someone to come and buy me.

That lucky day came soon. I was bought by a lady who took me home. She gave me to her daughter studying in the tenth class. Her daughter covered me with a cellophane cover so that I do not get dirty. She wrote her name on my cover and first page. She used to daily take me to her school. She used to take me out of her bag during the maths lecture. At home, she used to study my solved examples.

I helped her in understanding trigonometry, probability and geometry. She daily used to solve my questions and problems. After a year, she cleared her tenth with good marks, especially in maths. Now, I was of no use to her. She kept me in the storeroom. I saw there other old books. I did not like the darkness of the room. I felt scared.

Finally, one day the door of the storeroom opened. She picked me up and gave me to her maths teacher. The teacher uses me daily to teach her students. She prepares question papers for exams after looking at me. I am very lucky to have my new owner.

Essay On Autobiography Of A Book (400 Words)

I am a book. My name is ‘Short Stories for Children.’ I was printed in a publishing house in Kolkata. I, along with my other companions, was shipped to a leading book store in Hyderabad.

I remained in the book shop for the next few weeks. Then, one day a middle-aged man came and bought me. He went back home and gifted me with his son on his birthday. The son liked me very much. He wrote his name with a pen on my first page. He adored my colourful illustrations. Each day he would read one of my stories and learned a new moral. He regularly carried me to his school. He showed me to his other friends.

One day, while I was resting in his bag, a mischievous boy came to his class and stole me from his bag. That boy erased the name of my first owner with white fluid. I did not like the smell of the correction pen. He then wrote his name in capital letters. He had little interest in me. He sold me at a cheap price to a shopkeeper who sold second-hand books. So, I was once again in a book store.

People preferred buying new and fresh books. Nobody liked buying me. But one day, a girl came and bought me. She took me home and covered me with a colourful paper. I felt very relaxed. She wrote her name on me. One day, while she was reading me, his little brother came into the room and tried to snatch me from her. In the process, I tore down into two halves.

The excruciating pain became unbearable for me. The girl scolded at her younger brother and also complained to her mom. She then took my two halves and stacked them together with a cello tape. My pain reduced a bit. But now I looked very shabby. She put me in her drawer and I felt safe there. She used to love me a lot. I felt good when she flickered through my pages.

One day, her friend came to visit her. She saw me and wanted to take me to her house. She requested my owner and sadly she agreed. So I have a new owner who is very careless. She keeps me anywhere she likes and then forgets. I miss my old owner who valued and loved me.

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