Essay On Autobiography Of A Pen For Students And Children

Essay On Autobiography Of A Pen For Students And Children. A pen is a sword for writers. It’s not only used by writers but also by students, teachers, in offices, etc. In this article, we’ve written an essay on autobiography of a Pen.

Essay On Autobiography Of A Pen

Essay On Autobiography Of A Pen For Students And Children

Essay On Autobiography Of A Pen (100 Words)

Hello, everyone, I am a Reynolds pen. Here I am writing my autobiography. I have a white body and a dark blue cap. My ink colour is blue. I am used by everybody for different purposes. I spread the light of knowledge in the entire world.

I was made in a factory. I had many friends that looked just like me. One day we were packed and shipped to a stationary shop in New Delhi. A school student bought me and took me to his home. He keeps me in a pen stand. He uses me daily to do his homework.

Essay On Autobiography Of A Pen (200 Words)

I am a Parker Pen and this is my autobiography. I am a fountain pen and have a black colour body. After being manufactured in the factory, I was sent to a local stationary shop.

I was an expensive and branded pen. So, people would prefer cheaper pens over me. Slowly, all my friends found their new owners. But I was there lying in the shelf useless. One fine day, a young boy came to visit the shop. He looked at a variety of pens and finally chose me. I was a bit surprised as he was too young to use a fountain pen. He told the shopkeeper to wrap me in a gifting paper. It was all dark inside. I was very anxious about what will happen next.

The young boy reached his home and gifted me to his elder sister. His elder sister was a poet and writer. She was very delighted to possess me. She always used to write her poems and short stories. She also writes a diary using me. I feel very good when she uses me to pen down her emotions. She is a very good writer. I am glad to be a part of her success.

Essay On Autobiography Of A Pen (300 Words)

I am a Reynolds Trimax Gold Pen. I have an advanced fluid ink technology. I have a special ink for fast writing. What makes my ink different from others, is the property of water-resistance. I have a stylish body with an attractive golden clip for keeping in the pocket. I am very proud of my features.

I was kept with other expensive pens in the stationery shop. People came to the shop and prefer buying cheaper pens. I was waiting for my turn eagerly. Then one fine day, a little girl bought me. She told the shopkeeper to wrap me up and put a happy birthday notecard. I could not see anything outside and was waiting to come out of the gift box. She gifted to her mother.

She was very glad to receive me as her birthday present. Her mother was a college professor. She used to carry me in her purse to her college regularly. She checked the copies of her students using me.

One day she forgets me to keep me back in her purse. I was lying there on her desk. A mischievous student stole me from her desk. He used me to playpen fight with his other friends. I felt immense pain after colliding with other pens. I fell down many times. In the process, I got many scratches on my body. I was desperately missing my old owner.

Luck once again favored me and the notorious boy gave me to his younger sister. She is very kind and keeps good care of me. She refills me whenever my strength decreases. She uses me to study daily. She also keeps a daily journal and pens down her feelings. She gave her board exams using me. I feel lucky to have her.

Essay On Autobiography Of A Pen (400 Words)

Hello everyone, my name is Uniball. I am a rollerball pen. My blue ink glides smoothly across the paper. I am an expensive pen. I was kept at a shop in a mall with my other friends.

One day a businessman bought me it. He showed me to everyone and was very happy with me. He used to sign many big business deals using me. He used to consider me as his lucky pen. But once his ten-year-old son asked for me from his dad. His dad unwillingly agreed. The little child was very naughty and careless. He handled me carelessly. He made a few scratches on my body. I cried a lot in pain.

But then his father saw my condition and took it back from him. Again my good days came. Although I was not as new as before, he kept me with the same love. One day he gave me to the best employee of his company as a token of appreciation. The employee used me to prepare business proposals and do other official work. After a few months, he gave me to his daughter.

Her daughter was glad to have me. She was fond of writing very much. She used to write beautiful poetry with me. She also wrote a novel based on a love story using me. She spent days and nights working on her novel. She used me to jot down her ideas. Years later, her novel got published and she became very famous. Now, she used me to give autographs to her fans. Years passed on. She kept me in a special box.

One day, she gave me to her daughter. Her daughter studies in school. She takes me to school every day. She uses me to complete her homework. She also possesses the quality of a writer just like her mother. She writes short plays and dramas. I feel great when I give life to different characters.

Throughout the years, I have been refilled multiple times. Some handled me with immense love while others handled me carelessly. I have been handled with different people in different environments. I now have many scratches on my body. My body colour has also faded. I have lost my shine over the years. I now lie in a pen stand with my other friends in a corner. I don’t know what fate has in store for me.

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