Essay On My City In English For Student And Children’s

Essay On My City In English. Cities are urban setups that provide an individual with a livelihood and shelter.  Almost every person has a constant emotional connection with their cities. As a person grows up, our cities become an important part of us, an indispensable component that plays a crucial role in building our attitudes and characters towards certain situations and people. Our cities make us who we are, by sustaining us.

Essay On My City In English

Essay On My City In English For Student And Children’s

Essay On My City In English ( 100 Words )

Kolkata is a city of amazement and wonder. It has countless beautiful monuments and marvels. To start with, the Shaheed Minar in Kolkata is a world-famous monument dedicated to the Indian Independence Struggle martyred soldiers. Everyone can find their desired books on college street as college Street is the largest book market in India.

The nostalgic coffee house was visited by geniuses and maestros like Satyajit Ray, Manna Dey, and Mrinal Sen, and more. The nostalgia that is etched into the walls still reverberates with enthusiastic and renewed passion. The Esplanade building and the St Paul’s Cathedral historical monuments are famous among tourist spots. My city is enriched with literature and art and is of course the most beautiful of all cities.

Essay On My City In English ( 200 Words )

We are always on a move as my father has a transferrable job. We have changed as many as 4 cities since my childhood, and honestly, I never thought that there would be any 1 city that I would really be able to call home until I moved to the pink city  Jaipur. It has been just 2 years that we have shifted to this place but it feels like home already.

I love everything about this place – from the home that we had rented for accommodation to my school, from the nearby markets to my neighborhood, from the delicious food to the historical monuments. Everything here is just amazing, but what I like the most about this city is the people who live here.

The people here are very friendly and warm in nature. There is an aunt who resides in the neighborhood, she is always ready to extend help to my mother whenever our father is out on business tours. Her children are as friendly as she and I have found my best friend in her son, also I have made some really close friends in my school.

Essay On My City In English ( 300 Words )

I was just two years old when my parents shifted to Greater Noida. Greater Noida is a planned city that forms an integral part of the National Capital Region of India.

My City My Lifeline

I have been living in Greater Noida for the last twelve years, and I still remember our old house where I spent three years of my life. I still have fond memories of my friends who lived in our neighborhood, although I was young at that time.

We stayed in a rented apartment for the first three years and then moved to our own flat in a beautiful society which had all the modern amenities. My school is at a distance of just three km from my home and the office of my parents was close by too.

The Mall Excursions

Greater Noida is known for its shopping complexes and big malls. Individuals from Delhi and other parts of NCR specially visit these malls for spending a good time with their friends and family. I have visited all these big complexes and malls and just love the fun time spent we used to spent there. All of us used to visit these malls for family dinners, play games, and watch films.

For the last few months, my mom and dad have also allowed me for visiting the malls with friends, although they pick and drop me at these malls. Excursions to these malls are super exciting, and I especially love playing different games such as air hockey and bowling at these malls.

Greater Noida Foodie’s Delight

Greater Noida is certainly a Foodie’s delight as it is a hub for delectable street food with so many offices and educational institutes around. All kinds of food items, from Chinese momos to Lucknowi kababs  – everything is available here and the food is just so delicious.

Essay On My City In English ( 400 Words )

Lucknow my city of birth and this is the city where my family and extended family live. We used to live here until I was ten years old but around two years back we moved to Rajasthan because the business of my father demanded so. My parents and I shifted to Jodhpur in Rajasthan however my grandparents continued to live there. However, the project of my father is now complete and we shall soon be moving back to Lucknow. I will be celebrating my 13th birthday in my very own and favorite city and I am super excited about it.

My Early Memories of Lucknow

We lived in a joint family and I lived with my parents and grandparents. My early memories of my favorite city are all related to my parents, grandparents, the crowded streets, its stories, and the weekend trips to the nearby market. I remember going for morning walks with my father and during the morning walks, he used to tell me his childhood experiences.

I remember the freshness of the plants which used to grow in my backyard. I also remember my afternoon visits to the beautiful red marble temple with my mother and the fragrance of the freshly prepared kebabs paranthas at the street stall in our neighborhood. We used to eat, shop, and have a lot of fun during the weekend trips to the market with my mom and dad.

My Favourite Spots in Lucknow

Lucknow is well known for its markets, its beautiful monuments, and its delectable, delicious food. My favorite spots in Lucknow are the Bhoothnath Market, Hazrat Ganj market, Imam Bara, and Bhootnath market. I have plenty of good and fond memories of these places.

I have also visited Imam Bara quite a few times and the first time I visited this beautiful monument with my parents when I was of very young age. A few years later I visited the place as a part of my school excursion and I discovered that I can visit this historical monument over and over again and still not get bored.

A stroll by the riverside was extremely rejuvenating and I also loved shopping trips to Bhoothnath market and the very famous Hazrat Ganj market with my parents. All of us love shopping and the wide range of things that we got there was just fabulous.

Essay On My City In English ( 500 Words )

Kolkata has always been the city of happiness and joy. This city has a rich cultural background, and the heritage associated with my city makes it beautiful and valuable. Kolkata was previously known as Calcutta, and do you know that it was also the capital of India during British rule? It is the intellectual hub of India that has a rich cultural history.

The Britishers made Calcutta the capital of India because it was the center of economics, business, and education. This city has produced brave hearts, which have fought our National Independence Struggle ever so courageously and have helped get independence from the Britishers.

Kolkata is unique, and it amazes me to think of how wholesome Kolkata truly is. It has everything one can wish for, and its citizens have a secure attachment to this city. It is also popular for its lip-smacking and finger-licking food and ancient monuments, and it is also known as the City of Joy. Kolkata is the city of festivities and emotions.

This city has its essence and not everybody will recognize its true beauty. It is not as technologically advanced as Mumbai or as posh as Bangalore, but it is a city with a soul. It will give you the solace you have always craved and will touch you in ways unknown to humankind. Kolkata is excellent as a city and one can never get tired of Kolkata. Residing in this big city is like pursuing a long lost dream of inheritance and culture, this is because it shapes an individual in the classiest ways possible.

Heritage colleges like the Jadavpur University, Rajbazaar Science College, Presidency University, etc. ensure that students get an excellent education. The capital of West Bengal has tremendous patriotic fervor, and it was where the 1st movement of students began. The schools and colleges teach moral values besides academic curriculums and students get to know that what is good for their nation.

Kolkata or Calcutta was also the central hub of the Naxalite movement, the reason being the city shapes people in a way such that they refuse to accept injustice. My favorite city has a strong political base, and the individuals who reside here would do anything to stand up for what is correct. Apart from the educational role, this city also has advanced business centers. Every year, the economy is strengthened and a business meeting is organized in Kolkata.

My city Kolkata has countless spectacles. Sitting by the river Ganga on a cold winter night, and gazing at the city lights on the other side as buses and cars rush past us is simply surreal. Kolkata has many structures that have endured the ravages of time, be it the iconic Ravindra Setu or the Dakshineshwar Temple.

If we talk about historical monuments, my city is home to the famous Victoria Memorial, which is one of the most celebrated monuments of all time. The Indian Museum that is situated near Esplanade, is again a building that has mesmerized tourists and is a wonderful source of research with many wonders.


My city is one of the most happening cities in the country and everything here is just perfect and awesome. I just want the government of India and the state government here to strengthen women’s security too.

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