Essay On Nationalism In English For Student And Children’s

Essay On Nationalism In English. Nationalism is a term that has been used frequently nowadays by the common man, journalists, politicians, and media outlets. It is disappointing to say that the meaning of this term and the term literally and the meaning for nationalism have been misunderstood and taken out of context by certain sections of society which has led to show nationalists in the negative limelight. In this nationalism essay, we shall be talking about nationalism.

Essay On Nationalism In English

Essay On Nationalism In English For Student And Children’s

Essay On Nationalism In English ( 100 Words )

Nationalism is a movement and an ideology in a nation that helps in uniting its citizens. The purpose of nationalism is to develop a sense of belonging for the citizens in the nation towards their country. Nationalism unites individuals across different ethnicity, cultures, religion, gender, and languages.

Indian independence movement against the British Raj was fought because of strong nationalistic sentiments. Events such as the French revolution and the American Revolution took place because of nationalism. Both nationalism and patriotism help in uniting people. Debates and dissent are a part of a healthy democracy. Aggressive nationalism that tends to warmongering and propagates hate between nations is called jingoism.

Essay On Nationalism In English ( 200 Words )

Nationalism is a concept in which the country is paramount i.e. the country is given the highest priority. It is an ideology that promotes the shared identity of the people of any nation. For the prosperity and progress of any country, it is essential to strengthening the sense of pride of the country by rising above the linguistic, religious, and cultural diversity of the people and nationalism plays a crucial role in it.

There are many nations including India which are rich in linguistic, religious, and cultural diversity, and the spirit of nationalism in these nations helps to build consensus among the citizens of the nation. For the development of the nation, each individual has to work in unison and the work of tying them together in a formula is done by nationalism.

The spirit of nationalism is paramount among the people of India and that is why when the people here are expected to respect the national flag of the nation and the national anthem, which is the national symbol of integrity and unity of the nation, then they fully and openly show respect to all.

Essay On Nationalism In English ( 300 Words )

The term nationalism means an ideology which the leaders of the nation propagate to the people which helps them in developing a sense of belonging and unity in the nation. The Indian independence movement, the Russian revolution, The French Revolution, the American Revolution, and many other significant historic events in the globe could take place only because of nationalism among the citizens. While patriotism is different from nationalism, both help is developing unity and love in the nation.

The biggest leaders in our nation such as Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi,  Sardar Vallabh Bhai  Patel were all nationalist leaders who put their nation first and everything else at 2nd or 3rd priority. Nationalism was shown in its true and pure sense all throughout the nineteenth century, but the terms nationalism was understood differently by different individuals at the turn of the century.

In the twentieth century, the feeling of nationalism of the citizens of the nation was taken advantage of and used to win elections and spread animosity and hate among certain sections of society. Indian Nationalists need not necessarily hate people from Pakistan as loving one’s own nation doesn’t mean she or he should hate another nation. This misunderstanding has led to a widespread war mongering situation, not just in our country but elsewhere in the globe as well.

This form of aggressive nationalism and hate-mongering is referred to as jingoism. Jingoist in the United States of America hate Russians and vice-versa. The same things hold true of jingoist in Pakistan and our nation. Individuals should understand the difference between jingoism and nationalism and spread positivity and love in the globe. All of us are all humans before being Indians or Americans is the thing that all of us should remember.

Essay On Nationalism In English ( 400 Words )

A feeling of dedication and attachment towards one’s nation is known as nationalism. Nationalism is that one thing that binds all the citizens of any nation in unison despite the variations of culture, ethnicity, language, and tradition.

Comparison of the nation with mother

Not only in our nation but in the whole globe, the country has been compared to the mother. Just as a mother takes care and nourishes her children, in a similar sense a country also fulfills several needs of the lives of its people through its natural resources.

It is through the spirit of nationalism that religion, caste, and class divide and manage to make many differences and it has been seen that whenever a situation of war arises in any two nations, all the people of those countries will unite in the interest of nationalism. They encourage the soldiers of their nation with their spirit.

Nationalism binds the nation together

Nationalism is a collective spirit whose strength can be gauged from the idea that the citizens living across the borders of the nation based on its values ​​value the allegiance to the nation over its various identities and, if necessary, for the nation do not hesitate for sacrificing even the life. It is because of the spirit of nationalism that citizens who are completely unfamiliar with each other and who have never met each other, are also tied into the thread of national unity. Citizens have been able to agree on various issues related to the nation through nationalism in all the nations of the world.

Nationalism and Globalization

The process of globalization has influenced nationalist thinking to a great extent according to some scholars and now because the national boundaries have no or zero special significance and this condition has challenged the spirit of nationalism. Their argument is that apart from globalization, technological advances such as smartphones and the Internet have greatly reduced the gap in the globe, although this interpretation of nationalism is immaterial.

The Conclusion

For the progress of any nation, it is important to have a sense of nationalism among its individuals. All governments around the globe compulsorily organize national festivals aiming to rekindle the spirit of patriotism and realizing the importance of nationalism and among its citizens. Respect for the national flag is expressed during these programs. Overall, the unity of the people plays an essential role in the progress of any country and nationalism is the spirit that unites citizens in the thread of unity, eliminating the shackles of caste, religion, and low to high.

Essay On Nationalism In English ( 500 Words )

A nation is run by its citizens and for maintaining unity in diversity for the nation, there should be a sense of belonging inculcated amongst the people towards their nation, and nationalism does exactly that. There is no specific definition of nationalism, but the famous discourse is that nationalism is a set of beliefs and an ideology that the citizens of the nation follow in promoting the interest of the country above anything else. Typically, patriotism and nationalism are used as synonyms.

While both the terms help to develop a sense of belonging and love towards the country, they both are fundamentally different. Nationalism is about the interest of the nation, from social status and economic development to cultural status, but patriotism, on the other hand, is more towards the affection and love for the nation in terms of defensive capabilities and military power. The context with which nationalism and patriotism are used is quite different, while there is no prescribed definition for both terms.

On the other hand, jingoism, typically known as aggressive nationalism, defeats the complete purpose of nationalistic feelings. Jingoism is less about developing a sense of belonging towards the country among its citizens, but more about propagating hate and war-mongering towards enemy nations. Aggressive nationalism does not entertain dissent and critics. It is a 1-sided sentiment, that does not, and more importantly, should not have a place in a secular and democratic nation.

Nationalism is the secular and the democratic fabric of the nation and is at the core of Indian values. Indian freedom and independence fighters who fought the mighty British for more than a hundred years were patriotic and nationalistic in nature. Nationalism is at the heart of India’s independence movement and the nation. It was because of nationalism that our nation could snatch independence from the British and finally gain independence on the 15th of August, 1947. But the nationalism that existed during the independence movement is quite different from the nationalism that all of us are witnessing in this century i.e. the 21st century.

Nationalism during the early nineteenth century was about gaining freedom from the Britishers. Nationalism then did not divide Indian people into any lines. It created a true sense of patriotism amongst the individuals and motivated them to come out on the streets and fight against the atrocities of the Britishers on Indian soil.

But the nationalism that all of us witness now is not a good way and different from the previous one.  Nationalism, due to misunderstanding by some sections of the society and the population, has made it a synonym for communism and hate-mongering. Nationalism now is being compared with the ethnic and religious sentiments of the individuals.

Nationalism has absolutely nothing to do with the ethnicity, religion, and culture of the individuals. Unfortunately, nationalism, instead of creating and developing a sense of belonging in the individuals, has developed fear in the crowds, especially for the individuals with critical and dissenting voices.


All of us should know that what actually nationalism is, how important nationalism is for a nation to survive as there were many different kinds of consequences that happened with aggressive nationalistic nations – As understanding, all of these concepts are very necessary for a responsible citizen of the nation.

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