Essay On Rainy Season For Students And Children | Short And Long Essay

Essay On Rainy Season For Students And Children. India is blessed with three beautiful seasons Summer, Rainy, and Winter. From all the three, Rainy season is the beautiful and most loved season in India. Waterfalls are the most amazing thing and everyone enjoys it very much. In this article, we have presented the amazing essays on Rainy season.

Essay On Rainy Season For Students And Children

Essay On Rainy Season For Students And Children | Short And Long Essay

Essay On Rainy Season (100 Words)

The rainy season starts in India in June and lasts till September. It is also known as monsoon season and is the favorite season of many people. It arrives after the summer season. Therefore, the rains provide an escape from the scorching heat of the summer season. The temperature drops a little in the monsoon season.

Rainy season blesses the planet Earth with a new life. All trees and plants become green after the shower. The colorful rainbow is a treat to the eyes. However, heavy rainfall causes a lot of difficulties also such as floods, traffic jams, and waterlogging.

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Essay On Rainy Season (200 Words)

Rainy season or monsoon season is the best and most-awaited among all the seasons. Monsoon begins in the middle of June and continues till September. During the rainy season, the sky gets covered with grey clouds. Sometimes, rain is accompanied by lightning and thunder.

Rain adds to the beauty of the environment. The soil gets nourished and plants and trees get a new life. The formation of a colorful rainbow high up in the sky is one of the most beautiful phenomena created on Earth. Peacocks spread their feathers in rainy season and dance to the tune of water droplets. The sun hides behind the clouds. We get relief from the summer heat.

The rivers, lakes, canals, and other water bodies get filled with water. The farmers of our country eagerly wait for the rains to arrive as they need lots of water for their crops to survive. Children make paper boats and play in rainwater. People like eating ‘Pakodas’ with tea during the rainy season.

With the rainy season, comes a lot of problems also. While the lack of rain causes drought, excessive rain causes floods. Whenever rain falls, the roads get blocked with water and traffic jam occurs.

Essay On Rainy Season (300 Words)

The rainy season is the most amazing season among all the seasons. The monsoon lasts in India typically for about three to four months. For countries like ours, whose economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, the rainy season plays a vital role. Farmers eagerly pray for the rain to arrive on time as the quality of crops is directly proportional to the quality of rain.

The rainy season is also crucial for maintaining groundwater levels as well as the water level of water bodies like rivers, seas, lakes, and ponds. The monsoon gives a break to everyone from the scorching heat of the summers. The weather becomes pleasant due to showers. The sky is filled with grey and black colored clouds. The sun disappears between these clouds. Lightning and thunderstorms usually occur with rain.

The rain enhances the greenery. The trees and grass look green and beautiful. Colorful flowers blossom everywhere. The peacocks love dancing in the rain with their full wings spread. The level of water increases in natural resources such as ponds, lakes, and rivers. The groundwater also gets replenished. Children make paper boats and play in rainwater. People do rainwater harvesting to collect rainwater.

Everybody enjoys eating hot Pakodas with tea whenever rainfalls. Many important festivals such as Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Puja, and Rath Yatra fall during the rainy season.

With the advantages of the rainy season, there are disadvantages also. The roads become wet and muddy on rainy days. So, it becomes a challenge to commute during this season. Traffic jams are a common problem due to waterlogging. Excessive rains can cause a flood-like situation. Communicable diseases spread faster during the rainy season. Due to heavy rainfall, soil erosion takes place which destroys crops. Despite all the disadvantages, the rainy season is still welcomed by all.

 Essay On Rainy Season (400 Words)


There are six seasons in India. They are spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, pre-winter, and winter. Out of these six seasons, monsoon or rainy season is the favorite of all. The two Hindu months of Sawan and Bhado fall during the rainy season. The wet season in India lasts from June to September. Monsoon arrives after the summer season and gives a huge relief to plants, animals, and human beings.

Advantages of Rainy Season

The rainy season is caused due to changes in the movement of winds and other geological factors. The sky gets covered with dark-colored clouds. The sun disappears between the clouds. Strong winds, lightning, and thunderstorm accompany the rain. The colorful arc of the rainbow is formed in the sky after rainfall. Peacocks start dancing with their full feathers spread in rain. Deers also come out to play.

Nature gets rejuvenated when rain falls on Earth. Plants that were nearly dead due to oppressing heat of summers spring to life in the rainy season. Plants, trees, and grasses become green. Rain balances the temperature on Earth. It makes the weather very pleasant and cool. Monsoon adds to the scenic beauty of nature, as rivers are on full swing and monsoon decorates the nature with sparkling waterfalls and lush green trees.

This is the season that farmers eagerly wait for as the production of crops depends heavily on a good amount of rainfall. Rainfall is like a boon to our farmers. Ours is an agro-based economy where agriculture contributes to 70% of the Indian economy. Rainwater seeps down into the ground and hence increases the groundwater level that is very useful for irrigation purposes. Festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Ganesha Puja, Rath Yatra take place during the rainy season.

People are forced to stay indoors. School children get an excuse for not going to school. Children make paper boats and go out in rainwater to have fun. People enjoy hot Pakodas with mint chutney and tea during monsoon.

Disadvantages of Rainy Season

Excessive rainfall causes floods, which in turn damages the crops and results in loss or damage of property and lives. It also gives rise to many water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, etc. Mosquitoes also start breeding on stagnant water, thus causing diseases like dengue and malaria. Heavy rainfall forces people living near river catchment to migrate. Rainwater causes a heavy load on our drainage system.

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