Essay On Teachers Day For Students And Children | Short And Long Essay

Essay On Teachers Day For Students And Children. Teacher’s Day is celebrated to Thanks to teachers for all the knowledge. On that day students give rose and gifts to teachers and say Thank You. In this article, we’ve presented a very beautiful essay on Teachers Day.

Essay On Teachers Day

Essay On Teachers Day For Students And Children | Short And Long Essay

Essay On Teachers Day (100 Words)

Teacher’s Day is celebrated yearly on 5 September in our nation India. International Day of Education is observed on 5 October.

Teacher’s Day is commended out of appreciation for former Vice President Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. It is commended with veneration and mirth in schools, universities, and foundations. Students offer endowments to the teacher, on Teacher’s Day. They talk beneficial and good things to teachers.

Aside from India, 21 nations likewise watch Teachers’ Day on 5 September. The National Teacher’s Day is celebrated each year on 16 January in Thailand. In Turkey, Teachers’ Day is praised on 24 November. We should promise wholeheartedly that we will respect our teacher because we are all incomplete in this world without a teacher.

Essay On Teachers Day (200 Words)

Every year on 5 September, Teachers’ Day is celebrated all over India, and teachers are honored. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Ji. He is recalled at this event. This is an extraordinary chance to make the teacher-students relationship far better which is commended with extraordinary pageantry in schools, universities, and establishments.

On this day, students wish for the long life of their teachers and furthermore make different arrangements and preparations to salute the teachers. Students greet and thank their teacher with endowments, welcoming cards, pen holders, and so on this day.

Teachers ought to consistently get regard and love as they attempt to send us on the way of achievement and success. Mother-father loves and takes care of his children but teachers or educators put forth a valiant effort to send us on the way of accomplishment so that we are good enough to grab a job. Programs are organized on different teacher’s day including school calls on teacher’s day.

While the students respect the masters in different manners, the instructor promises to maintain the Guru Shishya custom. Notwithstanding India, Teacher’s Day is commended on 5 September in 21 nations. We should vow wholeheartedly that we will respect our teacher since we are for the most part inadequate in this world without a teacher.

Essay On Teachers Day (300 Words)

The genuine holders of information, knowledge and prosperity are teachers, using whom they create and set us up for our lives. Our teacher is behind our prosperity. Like our parents, our educator likewise has a lot of individual issues, yet at the same time bypassing all these, he comes to class and school every day and fulfills his obligations well. No one says thanks to them for their significant work, so as a student it is our obligation to the teachers to express gratitude toward them at least once every year.

Consistently on 5 September, Teachers’ Day is commanded to respect our benevolent teachers for their important work. September 5 is the birthday of our former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who had mentioned celebrating his birthday as Teacher’s Day to respect educators across India. He loved the teaching profession.

He has taught philosophy in a few notable colleges in the nation like Banaras, Chennai, Kolkata, Mysore, and abroad in Oxford, London. Because of his commitment to the teaching profession, he was promoted as the President of the University Scholarship Commission in 1949 to perceive his important and dedicated service. September 5 began observing September 5 as Teachers’ Day. He died on 17 April 1975 in the wake of serving the nation for quite a while with his extraordinary works.

Teachers are the genuine potters in the lives of students who shape our lives as well as empower us to keep burning like light even after the darkness in the entire world. Along these lines, our country can become enlightened with lots of light.

Therefore, all teachers in the nation are and should be regarded. We can’t return anything to our teachers equivalent to their incredible works, notwithstanding, we can give them regard, and appreciation. We should vow wholeheartedly that we will respect our teachers since we are for the most part inadequate in this world without them.

Essay On Teachers Day (400 Words)

“Guru is Lord Brahma, Guru is Lord Vishnu, Guru is Lord Shankar; Guru is Para Brahman; I, thus Praise Gurus.”

This is the English Translation of a famous Hindi shloka for the Gurus or teachers.

Apart from the family members, the very first individuals with whom a child interacts and communicates are the Teachers. They are the guiding stones and the building blocks of our lives as well as our future as we interact with our teachers at many levels – right from the playschool classes till the commencement of our initial jobs.

“Teaching is nor a business neither a profession. It is an emotion.”

Thus, it is rightly said in the shloka above that Gurus or teachers are equivalent to Gods.

Our Motherland India celebrates its Teacher’s Day every year on the 5th of September, in remembrance of Nation’s second President Dr. Sarevepalli Radhakrishna. He was born on the 5th of September 1888 in Madras Presidency of India and was a professor, scholar, philosopher, and religious thinker. He was appointed the second President of India on the 14th of May 1962.

Every Indian has had a fascinating experience of Teacher’s Day celebrations in their school or college life as they are certainly one of its kind. Students do everything possible in their reach to make sure that this day leaves their beloved teachers feeling special and that they can cherish and remember it forever.

Gifts are presented to the teachers which mostly include Pens, Chocolates, Toffees, Greeting Cards, Pen Holders, and what not! The list goes on forever! Decorating Classrooms and Blackboards, making portraits and drawings for their teachers is a manner in which the students express their gratitude, honor and respect towards their teachers. Apart from these gestures, students also dance , sing songs and recite poetry for their teachers, investing weeks of preparation for the auspicious day.

Celebrating Teacher’s Day also signifies that the students and their parents recognize the hard work and the efforts that the teachers put in, for the better and enlightened future of their children.

Of all the events celebrated in our Nation, Teacher’s day simply stands apart. It is a day that motivates and inspires our teachers to do much better in this sacred profession.

A teacher also plays many important roles in our lives. A teacher can be a friend in a time of need or can act as a parent and guide us when we want someone to understand us. There is hardly any profession where an individual plays so many roles.

“And Eklavya cut off his right thumb and placed it near Dronacharya’s feet”

Such was the story of a student who could go off any limits for his teachers and such is the position and place given to our teachers for ages. It is simply tough to imagine a world without teachers!

Therefore, if Schools are the temples; Teachers are surely the Gods.

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