My Favourite Sportsperson Essay For Students And Children | Short And Long Essay

My Favourite Sportsperson Essay For Students And Children. Everyone is good at one sport. It can be football, cricket, hockey, etc. To learn more and become a great player, we follow a particular sportsperson of that game. In this article, we’ve written an essay on My Favourite Sportsperson.

My Favourite Sportsperson Essay

My Favourite Sportsperson Essay For Students And Children | Short And Long Essay

My Favourite Sportsperson Essay  (100 Words)


Sports is any activity that helps a person in many ways. First, it helps people to be fit, healthy without any illness, and health problems. Sports not only just relieve us from a health problem, but it also relaxes our overall body and improves our brain activity.

My favourite sports game is Cricket and Gautam Gambhir is my favourite player. I like his style and the way he used to play. He’s an all-rounder and a left-handed opening batsman. Gambhir was one of the best cricketers and he was the only one to score 100 in 5 consecutive test matches. Currently, he’s a member of Lok sabha.

My Favourite Sportsperson Essay  (200 Words)


Sports is something that helps a person in every possible manner. It relaxes our body, makes us fit and healthy. A sportsperson is one who does this activity as their profession regularly. They play for the state or nation.

Everyone has their own choice if we ask about their favourite sports person, but mine is MS Dhoni. He was the most blooming captain of the Indian team till now. He was born in Jharkhand and very much passionate about sports since childhood. He helped the Indian team in winning many matches. He was a terrific captain. Dhoni was selected in 2007 as the Indian team captain.

He proved his captaincy by making India win the World Cup in 2011. He was acknowledged with many massive awards like ICC One Day International Player of The Year in 2008 and 2009. He was also awarded the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2007, Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards. He’s an inspiration for many budding cricketers and youngsters. No one could replace him in cricket. He’s known for the special helicopter shot which is famous across the world. A biopic is also made on him named “M. S. Dhoni”.People call him “Maahi” with love.

My Favourite Sportsperson Essay  (300 Words)


Sports is an activity which helps our body to stay fit and healthy. It also helps our mind to stay strong and relaxed. A sportsperson is the one who practices sports in their professional life. They represent our country in the world in a particular sports game.

If someone ever asks me who’s my favourite sports person then without any delay, I would say Sania Mirza. I always had a dream to be like Sania Mirza one day. Her birthday comes on the 15th of November. She was a modern girl in the whole family and had a passion for tennis since childhood and began playing at the age of six. She was trained in Hyderabad by her father only.

She’s the face of Tennis in India and also people used to recognize tennis by her name. She won many championships like Wimbledon 2003. She was the first woman in India to reach the fourth round of a Grand Slam Tournament.  She has been awarded various awards like Arjuna Award in 2004. Mirza is a role model and inspiration for each youngster in the world. She has always made our nation feel proud because of her hard work and dedication.

I like her very much because of her game and she’ll always be my inspiration. She’s also acknowledged with Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri. She later married Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik, which was a controversial marriage. After being the wife of a Pakistani Cricketer also, she played for India only. In 2009 she was named as the most searched Indian sportsperson on Google. Mirza is named as the most successful female Indian player, she never leaves a chance to prove herself. We are all proud of her, as she’s the daughter of India who never fails.

My Favourite Sportsperson Essay  (400 Words)


Sports is any activity that helps a person in different ways. It helps our body to stay fit and healthy. It also helps our mind to stay relaxed and focussed. A sportsperson is the one who practices sports to make our country feel proud. Sportspersons are related to different games and they give their hundred per cent in whatever game they play.

Everyone has their own choice when it comes to their favourite sports person, but mine is Virat Kohli. He is loved by all the Indians who love cricket. The way he plays cricket is tremendous. He was born on the 5th of November in Delhi. He was very much passionate about cricket since childhood and started playing when he was 3 years old. Later he was taught, trained and his skills were polished at Delhi Cricket Academy.

After a lot of commitment and devotion towards cricket, helped him to get selected in the Under 15 and Under 17 team. He worked day and night for Under 19 selection and later got selected in 2006, which was a dream moment for him, In 2009 he finally got selected to the Indian Cricket Team. His fantastic game won the hearts of millions of cricket fans across the world and he was made the Vice-Captain of Indian Cricket team in 2010.

Currently, he’s the captain of the Indian Cricket Team. I like him not just because of his game but also the way he expresses his aggression and anger on the field. With his amazing game, he made many memorable moments in the history of cricket. Kohli is known and rated as one of the best cricketers in the world.

Kohli and his game has been acknowledged with many awards like Padma Shri, Arjuna Award, and also with ICC player of the year in 2012. Kohli is known to be the fastest Indian batsman to get 1000 International runs and also won the man of the match title in 22 matches. Kohli is known as the aggressive player and his attitude is loved by millions of his fans. He’s also compared to the legend, Sachin Tendulkar.

Most of the people get inspired to play cricket because of him only. Kohli has a charming personality besides his game. He is married to the movie actress Anushka Sharma. In the Indian Premier League, Kohli plays as the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore. He’s one of the finest and dedicated players in Cricket and a true master.

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