Speech On Agriculture In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Agriculture In English. The backbone was of a nation’s economy such that of ours, i.e. India is the Agriculture. One of the oldest practices that made human beings more civilized is Agriculture, and it has been in practice for over 1000 years.

Speech On Agriculture In English

Speech On Agriculture In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Agriculture In English ( 100 Words )

Human beings have categorized Agriculture into four types: Commercial Plantation,  Shifting Cultivation, Herding, and Nomadic. Various medicines have been also made using the by-products of crops. Earlier cultivation was only dependent on climate, but now with innovations such as canals, pump sets, and dams, and now farmers do not rely on monsoon for irrigation in fields.

The Green Revolution in our nation brought prosperity to India as it became self-sufficient in providing food for its population. The surplus of any crop food production allows a nation for exporting it to other countries. Our nation counts as one of the biggest exporters of agricultural goods in the globe. Excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for ensuring a higher yield production causes water and soil pollution.

Speech On Agriculture In English ( 200 Words )

Greetings and salutations to all of you who are present here.

Human beings became conscious about Farming and Agriculture when constant migrating in search of food items didn’t yield any results. And primitive communities decided to settle in a place and grow their own crops to observe the natural phenomena of plant growth.

1000s of years have passed since human beings had started consciously, putting effort into utilizing our planet’s surface for cultivating crops and raising livestock for monetary gain and survival. And now with the advancement of technology and science, modern means of farming and Agriculture have become much easier.

The old and the traditional means of Agriculture depended only on natural conditions such as weather conditions, sunlight, rain, soil type availability, etc. But now with inventions such as canals and dams to irrigate the soil, tractor for faster and easier toiling of land, modern tools for faster and easier cutting of crops. Yet, various poor farmers still have to use old agricultural modes because their poor condition and plight prevents them from buying modern equipment.

All of us should keep evolving, developing, and challenging the economic, political, and social systems until farmers receive the necessities and respect they deserve. Thank You.

Speech On Agriculture In English ( 300 Words )

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the speech ceremony that has been exclusively organized by our society to honor the labor of our farmers, who feed billions of individuals and largely contribute to the economic growth of a nation.

As all of us know that our nation, i.e. India is a Krishi Pradhan Desh, which means that farmers act as the dominant and significant force in our nation without whom the nation cannot imagine its existence. It is the governing force for any country as a matter of fact. For example, the majority of Indians draw their source of income from agriculture, which accounts for nearly sixteen percent of the entire GDP.

This ratio says enough about our nation, that as already mentioned above, is a Krishi Pradhan Desh and is therefore highly dependent on its farming activities as a vast area of land is used for this purpose. There is no reason for doubting that it always has an upper hand in terms of its contribution towards the overall growth of a nation and hence it becomes crucial for ensuring its growth.

Proper attention must be devoted to this specific sector so that people who are engaged in agriculture can reap benefits from the latest state-of-the-art technology for agriculture, which in turn can yield better results. Greater will be our nations’ growth when there will be a better focus on farming and agricultural activities.

Since this sector already has a big influence on the economic development of our nation, special efforts should be devoted towards its improvement. In fact, several advantageous schemes should be implemented with the farming and agriculture-based activities for the growth of our farmers. Special and proper guidance should be given to farmers on how can they help improve their ways of farming and learn innovative ways for the betterment of their skills.

Speech On Agriculture In English ( 400 Words )

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy of a nation as it is the main occupation of the people of our country, about 4 percent of our workforce is employed in agriculture. Both industrial development and agricultural development are crucial for a nation’s progress and since independence, we have made great efforts in the field of former i.e. the industrial development. However, nearly 20 percent of our national income still comes from agriculture, and, therefore, its role in our nation’s economy can not be ignored.

This sector provides us with our very basic requirement of food in the form of fruits, vegetables, cereals,  and many other edibles. Apart from this, it also provides raw materials to many companies and industries, and in this way, it not only fulfills one of our important requirements but also support the industries. There are several agricultural products that are exported and in return or exchange, a valuable foreign currency is earned that strengthens our nation’s economic system. Therefore, it is essential for developing and promoting the agricultural sector.

After achieving freedom, Govardhan has given the highest priority to farming. Better quality of chemical fertilizers and seeds, ways of irrigation, and the use of modern ways of agriculture and machinery have certainly improved our agricultural production.

Cooperative societies are also very beneficial in the field of agriculture for marketing. This is because many easy loan schemes are available for the farmers. As a result of all these efforts, the growth rate during the year 1950 to 1960 was 7.6 percent from 1998 to 1999, which was 7.6 percent. The production of food grains has increased 4 times from 50 million tonnes in 1950 to 1951, which is estimated to be 200 million tons in 1998 to 1999.

The result is satisfactory, although our agricultural production has increased a lot. If the farmers produce more and get better costs for their production, then the issue of poverty and rural backwardness, that is affecting our nation since the Britishers rule will be easily resolved. Solely due to this problem, the progress of agriculture has slowed down drastically. The prosperity of the farmers directly means that a big market opens for industrial goods which in turn provides advantages to the industries.

Thus, agriculture is one of the most important sectors for the progress of a nation. This is the real spine for a nation’s economy, as with the prosperity of the farmers, the nation develops and reaches new heights.

Speech On Agriculture In English ( 500 Words )

Good morning everyone!

Agriculture is the science or rather the art of harvesting, growing, and cultivating the soil. Raising livestock is also considered to be a part of Agriculture. If we are, to sum up, what Agriculture means in the widest sense in modern times, then we can say that it includes the domestication of animals and the cultivation of plants for the use of human beings and marketing.

When Agriculture was comparatively a new practice for human beings in earlier times, they used very primal equipment for the cultivation of land. Before cultivation was invented, human beings were nomads who used to travel miles after miles for food. Human beings’ biodiversity management led to the practice of domesticating animals and growing plants.

Plants grow naturally because of the contributions made by animals such as bees, chipmunks, squirrels, birds, etc. After eating, birds often drop seeds and the fruit eventually grows into new plants. Also, chipmunks and squirrels store nuts for the winter season, but they often forget the location, and these nuts eventually germinate and are the reason for the creation of many such forests. I doubt anyone of us who are present here is unaware of the contributions of bees because pollination of plants at such a large scale would have been impossible without them.

The national income of a nation like ours is highly dependent on the Agriculture of the nation because it is also 1 of the major contributors to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of our nation. The livelihood of several families in our country solely depends on agriculture, and as all of us know, it is a very laborious job.

When it comes to agriculture, India is a very prosperous country. The weather conditions over different parts of our country are perfect for several crop growths. And because of such prosperity, around seventy percent of the entire exports made by our nation are for agricultural products. Items that are popularly exported by us are rice, jute products, tobacco, spices, sugar, textiles, tea, etc.

However, the plight of such farmers, who are responsible for so prosperous Agriculture in our country, is controversial. Even though farming and agriculture are some of the most essential aspects behind the growth of a society, but the ones who toil barely get the fruit they deserve. The majority of poverty lies in families who practice agriculture in our nation.

The livelihood of this major poor population depends on the water and land.  But the cruelties of natural calamities and society have pushed farmers for facing chronic poverty. Agriculture in our nation is still under development even though its practice has prevailed in our nation for 1000s of years.

I would like to conclude my speech on agriculture with a request to the young generation who is sitting in front of me. As the future of our country, please try to bring justice to the farmers who toil the land and, with their hard work, provide us with our food. Our nation needs a better-structured system where the people who practiced agriculture should not be denied the monetary value and the respect they deserve for their hard work, unlike the conditions at present.

Thank You.


With the advancement of technology day by day, more modern devices have been introduced so as to replace the old and traditional farming methods. This evolution in agriculture has brought big and new changes to Agricultural development.

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