Speech On Fashion In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Fashion In English. We all love fashion but it is not necessary to buy expensive clothing if you want to look fashionable. You can also look fashionable and glamourous in simple clothes also. Our beloved nation India is highly and heavily influenced by a lot of fashionista and trendy styles. Good looking ramps are organized in corporates, schools, universities, and colleges to encourage individuals to flaunt their fashion in public.

Speech On Fashion In English

Speech On Fashion In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Fashion In English ( 100 Words )

The type of accessories or clothing one wears is known as fashion. It solely depends on the type of ornaments one loves to adore on his or her body. An individual tries to look fashionable by flaunting his or her style statement in the public domain.

Fashion also makes oneself confident by influencing his or her behavioral changes. It is also deeply inspired by the kind of occasion or event one individual is going to attend. Fashion has been influencing many lives for years and it continues to do this successfully by making a remarkable statement among youths.

Speech On Fashion In English ( 200 Words )

Good evening to all of my dear friends who are present in this auditorium at the moment and listening to me.

Today, I  am going to talk about Fashion. In today’s time especially, fashion plays a very important role in our lives, and the types of accessories, ornaments, and dresses that we wear express the kind of fashion we like or we follow.

Despite being a cultural and traditional land, Fashion has a great significance in our great country India. To be utmost honest, our country’s fashion is greatly influenced by Western culture or western fashion.

For specific occasions, individuals in India follow different fashion statements and styles with diverse customs and traditions. For Indian women who like to celebrate a lot, salwar suits and sarees are a common form of traditional fashion. On the other hand, the traditional outfits for men are generally kurtas or dhotis.

Fashion is all about looking stylish and being comfortable in your clothes as well. Another thing to keep in mind is that trendy fashion should not have a negative influence on the minds of individuals. It is all up to us or an individual what would he or she like to follow or not.

Speech On Fashion In English ( 300 Words )

Good evening my dear friends who are present here.

Honestly, the word Fashion only attracts everyone and this refers to the style of wearing jewelry, accessories, and dresses according to anyone’s own personal preferences or the ruling trends. Fashion changes a simple dress to art of elegance and for some people, fashion is all about wearing fancy clothes, attractive drapes or clothes, or different styles.

It has a major role in establishing trends among those who follow it, and it is not only about wearing stylish accessories or clothes. The prominent fashion designers in the industry take a lot of time for studying different things such as materials, places, and opportunities before making ensembles or outfits. They also have to consider things and technologies such as clothes, sewing methods that are specific to the color, height, weight, and size of the individuals who are going to take the trend.

Fashion was often used to symbolize glory and prosperity in earlier times. But now, fashion has reached every household today. Fashion depicts your attitude more rather than wearing your outfits or ensembles well.

Fashion is catching up and spreading its legs in our beloved nation India. Even if you are not fashionable, you cannot ignore an individual wearing a fashionable ensemble. You can remember the dress if a person wears a shabby dress, but you will always remember the person who dresses well as fashion has a tremendous effect on our psyche.

Fashion is a crucial part of our life and has its essence over our life. Therefore, rather than debating about fashion or the latest trend is good or bad, it is wise enough to adopt new fashion rules and do something on your own that is decent and fashionable at the very same time.

Thank you.

Speech On Fashion In English ( 400 Words )

Very good morning to everyone present over here in this auditorium. Fashion is worldwide and is different in different places as every individual has his or her own fashion sense. The first word that comes to our mind is clothes when we talk about fashion. If we talk about our beloved country India, then we live in a country where there are traditions along with many cultures as well. To shape fashion, culture plays an important role.

But it is a wrong belief that fashion is only limited to clothing, but everything that is trendy means fashion nowadays. Many people style their accessories or clothes according to the trends, on the contrary, many people choose their clothes on the basis of their traditions or clothes. To make a fusion, some people mix their traditional style to their trendy style.

Fashion has connections with everything and everything from our belongings to our clothes that we wear and use in our daily lives, define our fashion sense. This is because every individual loves to look their best and an individual loves to get praise from other people.

As you all may know, that Indian fashion is highly influenced by western culture as well as western fashion. One reason for this is that many people feel more comfortable wearing such western outfits. India saw a tremendous change in fashion during the decade of 1990. New fashion advertising tools were new in that decade such as new advertisements or new movies. Movies and films are a great influence in bringing new fashion to the market, this is because people are heavily and greatly influenced by movies.

If you aspire to become a successful fashion designer, then you need to know about the historical fashion of the world so as what was fashion in the early stages of the world. Fashion designers work day and night and design clothes or outfits according to the taste and style of those for whom they are designing.

Fashion is changing at a very rapid speed and we should be well aware of all the latest fashion trends so that we can dress more effectively and look glamorous. On this note, I want to end my speech and hope that you liked a little glance to the fashion world.

Thanks to all of you and I wish all of you great days ahead in the world of fashion.

Speech On Fashion In English ( 500 Words )

A very good and hearty good morning to all the students and teachers that are present over here as today I would like to take this opportunity and talk about fashion in my speech. Fashion is applying or following new and different styles of body gestures, hairstyles, or clothing by different and several age groups of people.

It is an essential thing for everyone, and especially the youth or the younger generation that studies in the schools or colleges. It is a wrong belief that fashion is only about being glamorous. Fashion sometimes depicts the status of the people wearing it, in society. Fashion is all about choosing or selecting a particular type of style, color, or accessory.

Fashion is an important thing if we talk especially about our beloved citizens i.e. Indians. Specifically, girl’s fashion includes a lot of trendy stuff and procedures as compared to the other’s fashion. What people don’t know is that fashion also includes our hobbies, what we eat, how we live, the kind of house we live in, and obviously our dressing sense.

Individuals generally try to go with the latest trends in the market and for this purpose, they often visit beauticians for all their beautification purposes. But, it is very important for them to choose that what is correct for them and what they are just doing for fashion.

Let’s be all honest with each other that India is greatly influenced by western culture in terms of Fashion as the cities like London, the United Kingdom, Milan, and New York are all world’s major fashion hubs. Many top fashion designers who lead the fashion weeks are present in these cities and these cities also show the public or the individuals about the new fashion trends or collections.

India has a substantial entertainment and glamorous industry and this industry is known for its style in hairstyles, makeups, and clothing. These styles by the prominent fashion designers of the industry become fashion trends afterward for the common people.

Our country India has a different background of people that leads to different fashion styles and different fashion trends amongst them. There are these cultural fashion trends that consist of salwar and suits, and sarees that are mostly preferred and liked by the girls and women residing in North India. In the seasons of occasions like weddings, sarong with shirts for men and Kanjiwaram sarees for women remain in great demand.

One great thing about fashion is that it can make you feel confident about yourself and it is a must-have activity among youngsters all over the world. But it is also important to perfectly and fully understand the appropriate type of fashion plus which clothing or style suits the occasion.

Lastly, I just want to point out that being trendy and fashionable varies from individual to individual and it is a choice and shouldn’t be forced upon any person. To select or choose the correct or right type of fashion for a particular occasion is completely upon the person.


A thing to keep in mind is that you cannot flaunt your fashion if you are feeling uncomfortable in your outfit, attire, or clothes. Therefore, one should choose the correct type of clothing for a particular event or occasion if possible.

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