Speech On Generation Gap In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Generation Gap In English. The likeness in areas of opinions and interest among the individuals of the same generation is evident. But times are constantly evolving as so are choices; therefore, it is also evident that interests and opinions are going to differ from individuals of one generation to another. And this is because of the infamous Generation Gap.Speech On Generation Gap In English

Speech On Generation Gap In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Generation Gap In English ( 100 Words )

A social issue or problem which exists around the world is called the Generation Gap. Typically, a family consists of family members of more than 1 generation. The new generation of individuals has a more advanced and evolved mental status. The difference in the mental and physical skills of people belonging to several generations causes the Generation Gap.

Older people have a more wiser and experienced outlook on life as compared to the young generation. The young generation, however, bases their opinions and thoughts on impulse, instincts, and logic. Lack of mutual understanding and respect is one of the main reasons for the generation gap.

Speech On Generation Gap In English ( 200 Words )

Good morning or evening to each one of you who are present here in this auditorium.

Today I am going to speak and present a speech on the topic Generation Gap. The meaning of Generation Gap is the difference in work, beliefs, interests, thoughts,  values, and lifestyle among people of several age groups. Individuals often perceive the term Generation Gap as the gap between grandparents, parents, and youth. The methods or ways in which people of several generations separate themselves from one another have been noted by various sociologists like Karl Mannheim.

The Generation Gap is also known as ‘Institutional Age Segregation’ by the sociologists. Generation Gap is caused due to the lack of age barriers and interaction barriers. And the conflicts caused due to the differences in several generations (both young and old) are referred to as the ‘gap’ which affects individuals a lot.

The only method or way for reducing conflicts among generations is by bridging the difference between them. An increase in the proper communication among different family members is the first or initial step towards bridging and reducing the generation gap.

Thank You.

Speech On Generation Gap In English ( 300 Words )

Dear Parents – Congratulations to everyone and welcome to the Parents Teachers Meeting.

As a Principal of this school, I feel responsible for these children and I am making my sincere efforts for improving their future. Apart from their education, I want to ensure all-round development of their personality so that they grow into mature citizens who can keep their moral values intact.

So this step, i.e. organizing an interactive session between teachers and parents, is a step towards achieving this goal. No teacher or parent would want their ward to develop a spirit of separation or to disrespect them. However, the phenomenon called the Generation Gap is a universal phenomenon, whether we believe it or not, and almost every family across the globe is getting somehow in some way.

For that matter, their parents and the children themselves or the elderly have their own way of living. Children find their parents to preach, dominate, and impose, while parents find their children very violent, impatient, and stubborn. If the gap of the wider generation will continue, then how will the relationships be facilitated in such a situation or, how many foundations can be strengthened on the families which have been formed?

As elders, we should try to understand their attitude and should not always behave harshly towards our children. Their process of thinking will be different, but can not be wrong at all times in all the scenarios. We can all act as mentors, guides, and friends, instead of being strict with them as their parents. We should try to become an integral part of their small world that they have made for themselves and try to know about their wishes and desires. I am sure they will take one more step to reduce or bridge this generation gap if we take a step towards understanding them.

Thanks and I wish all the best to you for moving a step ahead in understanding your children.

Speech On Generation Gap In English ( 400 Words )

Dear Society Members – I welcome all of you to our clubhouse meeting!

First of all, a very good evening for all of you and today, besides discussing day-to-day issues, I will deliver a speech on the ‘Generation Gap’ which I am going to address now.

As everyone knows, the tragic news which recently became viral, that out of desperation, a young boy hit his father that he had been admitted to the hospital. This news has made me really upset about what is happening to today’s youth. Is it entirely the fault of the younger generation or is it a mistake of their parents that they failed to deliver good values to their child or their children and have never tried to understand their process of thinking?

Ask your parents these relevant questions and try to understand them as this will help in bringing a positive change in our society and then try to come up with a method to think about our children. But at the same time, developing our good ethical behavior and ethical values in our children is very crucial and important.

They should be taught from childhood that they should love the younger people and respect their elders. Their life will suffer from a great emotional loss and they will become insensitive towards all, especially the older people if we start keeping a distance from our children both physically and emotionally.

Instead of making this gap broader, we should try to reduce and bridge it because it is already so broad and wide that young individuals and old individuals already live in 2 separate worlds without worrying about one another. If you want to overcome this generation gap, as an elder, we have to take a sympathetic approach towards our child, children, or young generation and try to understand what they may dislike or like, their aspirations and wishes. Also, the young generation should feel that they have no or zero experience of life.

Therefore, listening to your elders and giving them respect becomes important. They have a wealth of experience that can prove advantageous for you and make your life worth living and better. The young generation should patiently seek their advice and listen to their elders in each crucial decision of their life. If the young generation disagrees at any point, they can put out their opinions in respect and peace.

Speech On Generation Gap In English ( 500 Words )

Salutations and greetings to everyone who is present over here.

The gap in the thoughts and experiences of individuals born in different periods is known as the generation gap. And today, I am going to draw your attention to this matter by presenting a speech on the generation gap.

It goes without saying that one generation’s way of perceiving surroundings and experience and will vary from that of individuals belonging to succeeding or prior generations in this ever dynamic world.

With the evolution of technology and the constant up-gradation of modern gadgets and devices, it often becomes difficult for older generations for adapting to such random changes.

And such major differences have caused the so-called social issues and problems known as ‘Generation Gap’ to come to existence. It has also shown an adverse effect on relationships in many cases, even if though this issue might sound very natural to exist.

The conflicts that 2 or 2+ generations often have are based on anyone of the following aspects such as traditions, trends, customs, opinions, and ideologies, etc. And the issues of Generation Gap has mostly taken a negative effect on the parent-child or parent-children relationship.

Other negative tolls of the Generation Gap are the conflict in opinions and thoughts between the older and young individuals who mostly dominate the top position of each sector. The young generation has a more enthusiastic and easily adaptable way of living and is more enthusiastic, while older individuals seem to have a more judgemental and rigid outlook on life.

None of the generations, whether young or old can be blamed for how they perceive life because the time and world are continuously evolving. Bridging this generation gap is the only solution to resolve conflicts surrounding Generation Gap.

Sometimes, parents may try to impose their thinking and beliefs on their child or children for passing down the guidelines and advice they were taught. But the young generation often refuses to accept anything other than what their rational thinking and logic permit.

However, such Generation Gap conflicts can be smoothly resolved if individuals of several generations try to be more courteous and understanding towards others’ views. And it is best to appreciate and welcome rational, innovative, and new ideas.

The Generation Gap between children and parents can be resolved by respecting and considering each other’s opinions and spending more time with each other. The lack of proper communication among individuals plays an important role in increasing this gap that we are talking about.

And while conversing, opinions should be taken into consideration without labeling them wrong or right at that instance. Expression of ideas should always be welcomed as long as they do not disrespect or discriminate against other individuals.

The differences of people belonging to any generation should be nourished and respected by parents. And all I ask the young generation is to allow your parents to guide you, and then you can logically and rationally decide to take it or not.

Thank You.


The Generation Gap can be viewed from several aspects, starting from changes in the style of working, use of language, and even fashion sense. Therefore often, older generations seem more rooted and rigid than the young generation. But this gap caused due to such behaviors can only be bridged if each of us becomes a little more considerate and understandable towards individuals of other generations.

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