Speech On Humour And Wisdom In English For Students And Children

Speech On Humour And Wisdom In English. Humour and Wisdom are 2 precious gifts that an individual wishes for. But, not every individual possesses this boon. Humour and Wisdom go hand-in-hand.

Speech On Humour And Wisdom In English

Speech On Humour And Wisdom In English For Students And Children

These are the 2 river banks that are physically severed but always intact for the flow of speech. Humour is defined as sarcastic yet funny whereas Wisdom creates healthy humour.

Speech On Humour And Wisdom In English ( 100 Words )

Humour and Wisdom are quite the opposite concerning each other, but they are also related to one another. Humour is when a person is comical and funny in behaviour, nature, and speech. Wisdom is when the person is sensible, experienced, and knowledgeable. Humour is often indecent and subjective. Therefore, many people tend to ignore and dislike it.

On the contrary, Wisdom is when an individual is sensitive about other person’s wishes and feelings. Humour combined with Wisdom is entertaining as well as engaging. There are various types of humour, but being witty is being well informed and sophisticated about a lot of things. In this world, people who are humorous and witty are liked and appreciated more in general.

Speech On Humour And Wisdom In English ( 200 Words )

Good morning everyone.
The human mind is quite fascinating and it has a lot of qualities. But having a superior sense of Humour and Wisdom might be one of the exceptional qualities.

Being just humorous is not enough as there has to be a hint of cleverness in your humour. Some individuals have humour but aren’t wise, and then there are some people who are wise but honestly not quite funny. You have to maintain an equilibrium between the two.

The humour should not be provocative and disrespectful. There has to be some sense and logic which go behind it. Only then, people would appreciate it well enough. Some individuals tend to fill the intellectual void with humour. But in such cases, humour turns out to be basic and bland. You can take your humour to another level with the help of wisdom. It would be exciting and wise, and people would tend to enjoy it more.

Therefore, in life, the people who have both humour and wisdom are the most well-known and appreciated ones. You need to have some amount of inborn talent and years of experience to develop a sense of humour and wisdom.

Thank you.

Speech On Humour And Wisdom In English ( 300 Words )

A perfect combination of Humour and Wisdom allows a speaker to prevail his/her audience. Great world leaders like Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama and Narendra Modi has proved this by their way of delivering the speech to the bystanders. All of them used to drop a light laughter bomb in between their statements.

But, to be humorous you need to be wise. This is because wisdom puts light on the humour and makes an individual sound witty. Wise humour can be enticing and healthy. On the other hand, vicious humour has no relation to wisdom and can be retributive. Therefore, a wise man will always inspect his words carefully before slipping them out from his/her tongue.

Scientists are believed to be non-comic and serious but Albert Einstein stands out of the queue. He had a very amusing character and it is reflected by his witty quotes.

An example of his famous witty quotes are-
2 things are infinite in this world- the first is the human stupidity and the other one is the universe, and I am not quite sure about the second one.

In his many quotes, he used to be sarcastic about humans and that too quite sprucely. It’s true that humour is inevitable for a sound mind, but defaming or demeaning others in the name of humour will only make you sound indecent and churlish.

Wise humour creates a balanced vibe of these two important qualities and helps in reflecting a dapper and decent personality. It also helps to create positive vibes. A wise and decent person is well-skilled in handling both Wisdom and Humour hand-in-hand in parallel.

Humour lies in developing a connection between the things which are not easily visible. On the other hand, the power of wisdom allows individuals to view the beauty in things and makes them wiser and wittier by showing and presenting humour decently in a lot of things.

Speech On Humour And Wisdom In English ( 400 Words )

Good morning friends and thank you for gracing this occasion with your presence. I feel exceptionally grateful to have such a wonderful audience today.

Today, I will be giving a speech on the topic ‘Naughty and Sincere’. Oops, I took the topic of my speech in the literal sense. Okay, so today’s speech topic is ‘Humour and Wisdom’. Now many of you might have gone into deep thought that why are we talking about 2 completely different topics at one place at this moment. Right?

My dear friends, these two words might appeal to you as different, but if you take my point- Wisdom and Humour are a great combination altogether. They are either side of a coin. Wisdom and Humour go hand in hand in case of an individual who is ideal for society.

Wisdom enables us to reflect on life, guide us through it, and draw conclusions about it. On the other hand, humour brings people together as a society and can relieve the stress of life. Mixing a wise statement with a little humour can make it easy to learn and more readily accessible for our audience. Also, most of the comic statements actually have something wise to tell us about life. Humour acts as a power of attraction and adding Wisdom and Humour together makes the learning easy.

Being humorous is not a big deal but being a sensible and wise person with humour is a very rare trait. Also, handling humour is a very big tactic as once it becomes an insult then there is 0 humour left in it. On the other hand, any humour is considered healthy humour when it has been perfectly coordinated with wise and witty thoughts.

Each and every wise individual speaks humorous things by keeping himself restricted to all the decency levels. A decent person is well equipped and skilled to handle humour and wisdom hand in hand. Therefore, humour is the most efficient way of sharing wisdom. True wisdom is something which makes individuals feel good and not separated or cut off.

Both of these i.e. humour and wisdom are very important components in one’s life. There are very few people who have the perfect blend and knowledge of the two. A perfect combination of Wisdom and Humour creates a smart person. Thus, humour and wisdom are 2 qualities which can live together and complement each other.

Speech On Humour And Wisdom In English ( 500 Words )

Good morning people.
Humour and Wisdom are 2 qualities which are quite different and are on the opposite side of the spectrum. However, when they are combined, they become the ultimate human trait to exist.

Humour comes in many forms and many people are humorous in general as everyone can achieve humour. Although, the type of humour varies from person to person and from audience to audience. For example- Baseless humour without proper explanation and 0 snappy comebacks are quite lame. It might be funny for a moment but you may not remember it for too long. It wouldn’t stick to you and you would just label it as funny.

However, if a little bit of wit is applied to the humour then it would simply change the whole game as people would react to it and the joke will stay with them for a long, long time. The audience would enjoy it more and it would be like a spark in their brain. This will lead it to be remembered more by the crowd and audience.

Some individuals have a very good sense of humour but 0 wisdom. It is quite problematic in such cases as wisdom is something which cannot be acquired. It can make anything humorous and it has to be present there.
Humour doesn’t always have to be deprecating or insulting. It should be positive, fun, and should not hurt anyone’s feelings.

A good speaker should be able to make other people smile without demeaning them. Therefore, witty humour is quite likeable. It really has a lot of underlying meaning and thought behind it. It is unproblematic and decent. And that’s how it should be.

Witty humour is quite appealing and attractive and is based on experience and knowledge. It is essential in life, but many people lack it. This is because it is something which is acquired over time. You need to understand how to make something inherently humorous and serious so that it doesn’t hurt other people feelings and beliefs, but the message goes across.

Starting from the stand-up comedy shows to reality TV shows which are aired, the speaker or the host tries to engage and mesmerize the audience/ crowd. Thus, it should be impactful and short with some meaning and sense in it. The people who are unable to comprehend witty humour do not have the intellect to grasp and understand it.

On the other hand, individuals who do understand witty humour appreciate it to its fullest potential.
A lot of effort and work is put into witty humour as it is not just a simple or random comment which would make people laugh or smile. It has to capture the audience’s attention at any cost.

Celebrities like politicians and actors often use witty humour for their campaigns and promotions respectively.
You can have the wisdom or have humour. But having both together is quite unique and special. And people who have both use it for the benefit and gain and make other people laugh.
Thank you.


A human with a fusion of Humour and Wisdom creates a smart personality. An individual with a balanced amount of both these elements leads to an ideal life full of knowledge and happiness. Humour gears up the enthusiasm feeling whereas Wisdom guides us through life.

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