Speech On Internet In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Internet In English. The Internet is a group of networks that helps in connecting individuals all over the world. It was developed by the American  Department of Defense ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency). The 1st connection was ARPANET. It was connected on October 1, 1969. The WWW (World Wide Web) is the most famous service, which was created by Tim Berners Lee in 1990 in Switzerland.

Speech On Internet In English

Speech On Internet In English For Student And Children’s

In this blog, we’ve presented a short as well as long speech on the Internet.

Speech On Internet In English ( 100 Words )

The network of networks that connects everyone via optical fiber cables, telephone lines, and satellites is known as the Internet. The world of information opens up for you with just a simple click.

Millions of computers are connected through the Internet to the global electronic community. The Internet helps us to collect information from the storage space or servers known as websites. Purchasing products online has become very popular among people with the help of the Internet. But with all the advantages, the Internet offers some disadvantages as well such as cybercrimes and leaking of personal information and data.

Speech On Internet In English ( 200 Words )

Good morning. Today, I, XYZ, stand in front of you to speak a few words on the topic of the Internet.

Our life has become very simple with the help of the Internet. Any information can be easily accessed with the help of the Internet from any corner of the world. The telecommunication lines help us to access anything from anywhere in the world. We can use the internet from wherever we want, be it either restaurants, malls, colleges or offices. With just one click, you can connect to anybody sitting in the other part of the world.

But the Internet also has several cons with its perks. Cybercrimes are increasing day by day. Activities such as creating fake profiles and hacking are widespread these days. If these activities get taught, then you can be charged with hefty penalties. Social media can also create difficulties and disturbances through malicious content. The disadvantages also include leaking if personal information and data.

Therefore, it is completely on us to effectively and properly appreciate the positivity gifted to us by the Internet.

Thank you for lending your time to hear me out.

Speech On Internet In English ( 300 Words )

Respected principal sir/ mam, vice-principal sir/ mam, teachers and all my dear friends who are present over here, I am XYZ of class ABC and I am here to give you a speech on the Internet as it really important to spread awareness among the younger generation about the same.

The Internet has become a part of our lives and especially the younger generations. Internet is today’s world’s largest communication network. It is a global set of network sets that communicate with the help of the Internet Protocol (IP).

For use and accessor for technical implementation, the Internet itself doesn’t have a centralized government. Every authorized network has to set its own policy to use the Internet.

In today’s world, the Internet is used for many purposes such as sending electronic mails, chatting online with the help of multiple apps, finding infinite information, and transferring files from one device to another device. The most important and significant use of the Internet is to send emails.

Many governments all over the world have had a bad idea of blocking a part or whole of the Internet in their area. For example, let’s talk about the Chinese government who thinks that Wikipedia is not good. Therefore, many people in the Republic of China cannot read or add to it. Many times parents also block part of the internet so that it is inaccessible to their children.

Some websites have also been designed and constructed to fool people and download viruses that can harm their devices and systems.

Just surfing the net safely requires some knowledge and awareness and we should definitely use it wisely.

On this note, I want to end my speech on this topic. Thank you.

Speech On Internet In English ( 400 Words )

One of the most significant and important developments that happened in the late 90s and changed/ shaped the perspective of the modern-day is the emergence of information superhighways. As the highways are used to carry the traffic to far-reaching destinations at a very high speed, modern information highways are used to carry information all over the world.

These information highways are used to carry a variety of information such as full-motion video, voice, graphics, text, and numbers. In the present day, global information superhighways are popularly known as the Net or the Internet.

The Net or the Internet means different things to different people. This is because it offers an ocean of opportunities for businesses and offers a variety of applications. Internet is the short form or abbreviation for Internetwork system., which on the other hand is a network of interconnected networks of computers.

It was during the year 1969 when the American Department of Defence through their ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) developed a network of computers using lines and named it after the seed of the Internet, the ARPANET. ARPANET allowed several military personnel and academicians to information through their websites which were located at different locations.

With the availability of lots of information on the ARPANET and gradual advancements in networking technology, more and more computers are getting connected to it. In the year 1990, ARPANET almost came to an end and the Internet became the uncontrollable and potent communication force to reckon with.

The Internet is a unique network as it is not administered by any international body. Instead, there is a voluntary society of its users which aims at the exchange of information through the Internet. This society is known as Internet Society. Its IAB (Internet Architect Board) is responsible for directing the Internet and technical management. The complete support comes from the enthusiasts of the Internet who volunteer to contribute their mite in the growth of the Internet.

The architecture of the Internet has three basic layers: The end-user, Internet Service Providers (ISP), and the Internet backbone. Internet Backbones are high-speed networks that are well connected to each other. The Internet Service Providers are connected to any of the backbones with the high-speed data transfer lines. The end-user is generally the one who dials up the Internet Service Providers for gaining access to the Internet.

Thank you.

Speech On Internet In English ( 500 Words )

Today, I am here in front of all of you for presenting a speech on the Internet. The world is really small and this phrase has been proved absolutely correct with the invention of the Internet. The Internet has connected people worldwide, and distance is no longer an issue between people nowadays.

Technological growth is happening all over the world due to the advancements of the Internet. It has changed the way one works, educates, entertains, or travels and is readily available to people everywhere.

The function of the Internet is to bring 2 or more devices that can connect through signals, and therefore info can be exchanged through this medium. Internet was first used around 40 years back in the United States of America. Vint Kerf and Robert E. Kahn invented it. Back in those days, the Internet was only used to exchange electronic mails between 2 computers, but now its functionality has completely changed as time has progressed.

The Internet offers many advantages to people all around and has proved to be an asset to human’s technological growth. It allows individuals to connect to their close friends and family when they are residing away from them through emails, voice calls, video chats easily and quickly. Purchasing products online has become extremely popular with the help of the Internet. All the financial and banking transactions can be received and sent with the help of the Internet.

Users can get information about any topic within seconds through it. One can also watch movies, listen to their favorite songs, play games with the help of the Internet. Services such as shopping, ticket booking, and banking are some of the perks provided by the Internet. But, the Internet has many disadvantages or dark sides.

Misuse of the Internet is increasing day by day as people are using it for fraud and illegal purposes. Cybercrimes are at their epitome due to the Internet being in the wrong hands.

Individuals with negative mentality abuse and threaten each other on the basis of caste, creed, color, race, and appearance. Children can also lack behind in their studies by getting addicted to online games. It has also led to an increasing disinterest in outdoor games.

In our day-to-day lives, the Internet has become a necessity and it is impossible for us to spend even a day without the Internet. It implies that even after seeing the negative effects of the Internet on our lives, we cannot keep away from it. Therefore, a timeline for the children should be decided for their usage of the Internet.

Guiding and monitoring the children on the proper usage of the Internet is the responsibility of their teachers and parents. Awakening and educating individuals of cybercrime and online fraud is part of our duty, and heavy penalties are imposed on Internet fraud cases. Thus, the Internet can turn into a boon for the advancement of humankind and human society through proper precautions and awareness towards it.

Thank you.


That’s all about the Internet for today. If used appropriately, there is no resource better or greater than the Internet. Therefore, we should educate ourselves and those around us for the better and safe use of the Internet.

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