Speech On Money In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Money In English. The term money typically refers to the commodity that is used in the exchange for the services or products which are sold or produced. There are many types of money that can be used as a commodity such as electronic money, inconvertible money, or convertible money, etc. that can be easily and quickly served as an exchange medium.

Speech On Money In English

Speech On Money In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Money In English ( 100 Words )

Money or cash is manufactured in factories all around the world, which are known as mints. The very first United States of America mint ran on the power that was harnessed from horses for the printing of the money. The study or the collection of money is known as numismatics.

Rome was the first-ever nation in the world that printed an image of a human on a coin. The first United States of America currency came into being after silverware was donated by Martha Washington. Nations all around the world share different currencies but there are also some nations that use the same currency i.e. Euro in all the European nations.

Speech On Money In English ( 200 Words )

A very warm welcome to all the people who are present over here as I am here to present a speech on the topic ‘Money’.

Money can be defined in many ways and it is the economic unit that functions as a medium of exchange in an economy. In layman’s language, money can be defined as a product or an item that can be accepted as payment in exchange for the services and goods that are consumed.

Money has 3 important functions-

  1. Money can be defined as an asset that can be stored for a long period of time and can be sold at a higher rate to reap maximum monetary benefits – This is known as a store of value.
  2. Money primarily refers to the value of a service, product, or commodity in monetary terms – This is known as a unit of account.
  3. Money can be also seen as an exchange that takes place between the services, goods and products; and the money – This is known as the medium of exchange.

Therefore, money can be seen as the most essential commodity in an individual’s life, and one can enjoy his or her life to the fullest if they have an ample amount of money.

Thank you.

Speech On Money In English ( 300 Words )

Good morning everyone.

Money is of utmost importance in an individual’s life. It is the only source in a person’s life through which he or she can purchase things that are necessary for living a comfortable life. Money also provides confidence and courage to people to do things that aren’t possible without money. It also enhances the ability of an individual to do things with sheer hard work and ability.

Money is primarily used to state one’s reputation and social status in today’s life and world. As everyone is following the money, the world is becoming a place with fewer ethical and moral values. This drives many people to chose the wrong path to earn lots and lots of money such as selling illegal items, or gambling, etc. Therefore, people are becoming slaves of money day by day.

Their never-ending love for money is making the world a place with decreasing moral values, throat cut competition, and a more corrupt world. People are earning money to accumulate their wealth, rather than fulfilling their basic needs. Just for their accumulation and growth of money, they do not care even for their health. It is not necessary that you will be leading a happy and healthy life if you have tons of money loaded in your bank account, as the famous quote says that money can’t buy happiness.

People are so busy in accumulating wealth and earning more money that they do not have time for their friends, family, and their own health. People i.e. we should understand that one’s life will be over, we will all think about the time that we didn’t spend with our parents, siblings, and friends as money can be earned and accumulated again, but time, time can never be accumulated or earned again.

Therefore, one should become a master and not a slave of money.

Thank you.

Speech On Money In English ( 400 Words )

Good morning everyone.

The invention of money was mainly done as an exchange of services and goods and a common denominator for trade and was done to earn lots of money by humans. Those were the times when money was a basic need for ethical and moral principles in society. But in today’s world, the meaning of money has changed as people cannot live without money now.

We all have agreed to a point that money isn’t only necessary to lead an easy and comfortable life full of luxuries, but we have to earn maximum money to make sure the safety of our and our loved ones, especially our family members. I will be utmost honest in my speech here right now that I really believe that one should work hard to earn a comfortable life and give all the luxuries that are deserved by him and his family.

I also believe that earning money and working hard makes a person smart and competitive in life. On the other hand, less money is capable of meeting your daily or essential needs, but cannot protect you from future accidents. Therefore, more money should be earned and saved from the point of view of future and savings purposes.

The best people or individuals who follow Hindu mythology worship Maa Lakshmi or Deity Kuber as they are regarded as the symbols of extreme wealth. A person should be responsible enough to fulfill his duties towards his family and work according to his skills and ability and earn money that can be used in fulfilling all the wishes of his or her family members.

In the end, I want to make a very valid point as per today’s world perspective. Many people will tell you that it is not necessary to earn money, or one should become a devout or go to the Himalayas and blah, blah, and blah. I disagree. There is no harm in giving your loved ones, your family, and yourself – a wonderful life full of luxuries.

You should ask the people who don’t have any money that how they survive in this cruel world where none helps none. Therefore, my final line in this speech will be that each one of you should work hard, make your parents proud, be a responsible citizen, love your nation, and earn lots of money in a legit way.

Thank you.

Speech On Money In English ( 500 Words )

Good morning or Good evening to the respected Principal, teachers, and all my dear friends who are present over here to listen to me. Today, I am going to deliver a speech on the most essential commodity in our lives i.e. Money.

Money should not be seen as a luxury, not a necessity in today’s world. The other names that are given to money are currency or cash. Different nations of the world have different currencies for running their tasks. For example- The United States of America uses the Dollar, India uses Rupee, and the United Kingdom uses the Pound.

Money can be termed as the most influential commodity of our lives. To be honest, the amount of money a person has determines that whether he will be able to survive or die in this cruel or expensive world. Rich or opulent people/ individuals have access to all the luxuries in their life as they have lots and lots of money to spend. On the other hand, there are poor people who barely owns some money and fights with day to day needs of life by fighting hardships.

Before the invention of money, individuals use to have the barter system for the exchange of commodities between each other. If a person used to purchase anything from other individuals, then he or she needs to give something in return for that item.

Money has the power to change an individual’s status, way of living, and social life in society. I will be honest saying that a person who has a lot of money, gets lots of respect from many people in society. The individuals who are poor get exploited majorly on the other hand as society refuses to accept them and pushes them away.

When growing up, many children have to face discrimination just because their parents do not have enough money or their financial status is not strong enough. The rich children make fun of them due to their torn and dirty clothes or shoes. No one bothers to notice, but it affects their mental health to a great extent; which should be looked after.

The most unfortunate circumstance is such that the children who are born in poor families are forced to work against their will and restrained from education. We all know that child labor is a crime or I would rather say a sin, but these children are helpless to work as they have no other option – This is just how society works.

Therefore, we should do hard and proper planning to save money as it will only help us when we need it the most. The importance and prevalence of the middle class is the most when we talk about India and this is this section of the society that earns the most money when their body permits in the initial years of their lives and then accumulates a large sum of money as savings for their retirement years.


Everyone in this world wants to lead a prosperous life and therefore, money becomes the most important aspect of life. Money might not be everything that one needs to own or have, but it is an essential thing that a person must own to survive.

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