Speech On Travel And Tourism In English For Students And Children (1700+ Words)

Speech On Travel And Tourism In English. In today’s world, almost everyone chooses to tour and travel as per their leisure. Travelling is an extremely good way to learn about the world. It also teaches us about many interesting things about the cultures of several nationalities. In this article, we’ve presented a beautiful speech on Travel and Tourism.

Speech On Travel And Tourism

Speech On Travel And Tourism In English For Students And Children

Speech On Travel And Tourism ( 100 Words )

Respected Principal Sir/ Ma’am, Vice-Principal Sir/ Ma’am, Teachers and my dear friends, My name is ____ and I study in class ____. I would like to give a speech on Travel and Tourism on this auspicious occasion.

Travelling may feel like an investment to many. Saving up is an extremely good option if you have decided to travel to a destination once a year. There are many ways of travelling in a time-saving and thriftily manner. Indian Tourism Industry has flourished massively over the recent few years.

Many people have come to know about the varied landscape of India as tourism ads have gained widespread appreciation. Therefore, Indian Tourism has garnered new heights of achievements. Tourism also creates various jobs in the market such as travel agencies, tour planning, and hotel management.

Speech On Travel And Tourism ( 200 Words )

Greetings and Salutations

We are restricted by the chores of our lives on a daily basis. Living has become more and more sedentary as technology has taken over our lives. We have discovered distraction and entertainment in the smartphones which we carry in our pockets. We need to break free from this monotony of regular life and travel.

Loving oneself can begin by exploring the world around us. So, we need to get out of our beds and take to the streets because the world around us has the experience of a lifetime to offer to us. Be it the calm suburban lands of Rourkela or the spring waters of Japan, travelling can take us around the world. The cooling waves of the beautiful oceans await our arrival. So take a travel journal or a travelogue and explore the towns and cities that you would like to visit. You need to plan a trip for your next vacation or holiday at your favorite destination.

This is only because travelling is good for the body, especially if hikes are included in the itinerary and Tourism is an industry which is promoting travelling from one place to another.

Thank you.

Speech On Travel And Tourism ( 300 Words )

A very good morning to the excellencies, respected Principle sir, vice-principle sir, teachers, madams, and my dear colleagues.

Tourism can be defined as travelling to several famous heritage and tourist destinations in one’s state, nation, or anywhere across the globe. It helps one to learn about the cultural heritage and history of the place which is passed on to the people from one generation to another. It also helps the locals to learn about the culture and heritage of their land too.

People enjoy tourism as each place provides them with several different facilities and a unique experience. All the facilities including public transport, restaurants, conveyance, and hotels etc., need be booked in advance.

You can make your trip more relaxing by booking each facility in advance. It may cost a lot but it is worth every penny as it will relax your soul, body, and mind.

Also, one learns about different practical issues, cultures, and interacting with individuals of multiple manners and backgrounds.

In India (which is a developing nation), tourism is not as prevalent as compared to that in other developed nations. Moreover, there are many limitations that the ministry of tourism should tackle and correct so that the tourism industry can make profits and bloom for the economy. This is important from the perspective that many foreigners are interested in Indian tourism due to ancient scriptures and culture. But, they are resistant due to the risks of dirtiness and infection.

Tourism can be divided mainly into three components: rural tourism, environmental tourism, and cultural tourism.

Cultural tourism concerns about the culture, precisely the history of people and their art architecture. Environmental tourism provides an opportunity to visit beautiful views and natural areas. It also provides an opportunity to witness and observe the plant and wildlife of a region. Rural tourism showcases the rural heritage, culture, and live art in the rural regions of the nation.

Tourism benefits the local community near the tourist location economically and socially.

Speech On Travel And Tourism ( 400 Words )

Good morning to everyone. My name is…, I study in class… standard. I would like to speech on the topic of travel and tourism in India.

Tourism is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries around the world due to technological advancements and improvements throughout the globe. It brings many great advantages with it in many ways. However, sometimes big challenges affect several resources of a nation such as educational resources, environmental resources, economic resources, and socio-cultural resources.

It positively influences the resources of a nation which includes several industries such as wildlife, entertainment, arts, transportation, and housing, etc. Tourism in our nation is the source of new job opportunities for many individuals and revenue in a nation. It also improves the lives of many individuals, especially the local people who are living in huge tourist destinations and spots. The costs of basic commodities also increase due to the surge in the traffic of incoming tourists.

Residents of the developed nations go for travelling and touring in the developing countries. On the contrary, residents of the developing nations are unable to go and visit the developed nations due to poor or low economic conditions. Travelling is prevalent in developing nations due to low-cost travel and tour packages. However, there are both positive and negative sides to tourism for a nation.

First of all, tourism greatly affects the environment of a nation and mainly the surrounding areas of tourist places. It also affects the vegetation and lifestyles of all the organisms due to the accumulation of waste materials such as food ingredients, plastic waste and bottles, etc.

India is the most popular nation in the world for its travel and tourism due to the availability of many religious lifestyles. Our beloved nation is full of beautiful sceneries, historical monuments, and heritage sites etc., which makes India a great tourist spot. Tourism in India is a very cheap source for the nation and several lives thrive on it. Tourism has been extremely easy for any country now due to technological advancements everywhere. Individuals are talking about India in a historical and natural context to a greater extent.

Tourism also raises the issue of safety of the tourists across the tourist destinations all across the country. Governments need to invest capital to make tourist destinations and spots more secure, safe and attractive for the tourists from abroad. Professional guides are also required for accurately guiding tourists from other nations. Tourist destinations also need some progress in facilities such as 24 hour clean water supply, electricity, luxurious hotels and appropriate environment.

Speech On Travel And Tourism ( 500 Words )

Greetings and Salutations

Travel and Tourism are some of the most looked-up to industries in any state or country on the globe. The word ‘Travel’ origin can be traced way back to history. It was begun by the Italians and Greeks for the sole purpose of leisure. After that, travelling started mostly to fuel battles and conquests. Therefore, this word has a rich history, but the exact source of this word is unknown.

The popular legend is that it was derived from the French word Travail which means work. The working class of those ancient days comprised mostly of emperors, architects, and merchants who wanted to conquer major parts of the globe. Thus, Travel was considered to be a taboo by various cultures.

All of us have surely come a long way from that. Now, we can roam freely and have the freedom to view this beautiful world. Also, time is no longer a constraint as advanced, new technology has brought super trains and supercars to humankind which has helped in faster transportation.

Traveling is considered to be one of the most effective methods to release negative energy which is accumulated within one’s system. There is a popular quote which states that absence of traveling can lead to sinful monotony in one’s life. Therefore, it is considered necessary to get rid of the harmful waves that can cause too much stress in one’s system and life.

On the other hand, Tourism is a separate industry and is focussed on the promotion of traveling to a place. Tourism industries have gained popularity and flourished in many parts of the world. Some of the most beautiful travel destinations can be far away from the place you live in.

Crema is a place which is known for its rich culture and progressive people. Many people across the globe often crave a trip to Europe. There are also individuals who are roaming across the globe with no place to live in. They travel across the world in search for the true meaning of life.

In India, traveling was popularized after the advent of pilgrimages. Pilgrimages include traveling over a long distance to get close to the deities and gods that are worshipped by the pilgrims. Pilgrims travel on foot to these pilgrimages many times as these are the sacred journeys to the place of worship. India is a land known for its ethnic and diverse ways, as well as its varied culture. It is, therefore, reflected in the diverse nature of its tourism industry.

Each state of India has different tourism ads. Gujarat is known for the white sand of Kacchh. West Bengal is known for its rich heritage and culture. Dak Bungalows are found in abundance in the city of joy and the land of sweets. Himachal Pradesh, on the other hand, is known for the cold hilly meadows and its rich meadows.

Gone are the days when travelling was considered to cause harm to an individual and bring in evil spirits. Today, the homogeneity between the postmodern and culture has come together as the world has come to know about the thoughts and rituals of each land.


To sum it up, people love to travel and that’s why they visit several big towns and cities and pilgrimage centers. India’s heritage centers are enough to boast ourselves of India and its sheer greatness.

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