Speech On Youth In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Youth In English. The youths are the strength of society and are the face of the future of a nation. The youths are sensitive and are impulsive, but once they set their goal or target, there do not look back and there is no coming back.

Speech On Youth In English

Speech On Youth In English For Student And Children’s

Speech On Youth In English ( 100 Words )

The phase of the life of a person when she/he is young is called youth and if we go by the stats, then according to the United Nations (UN), the age group of fifteen to twenty-four years can be considered as the youth period. Society identifies youth as a person who has creativity agility, zeal, vigor, and a tendency to change the world.

The youths must be humble, goal-oriented, decisive, fear and kind. They tend to socialize, meet new people and tries to get involved in work. The youths like learning new skills and keeping the necessary information, and are often more open to new ideas.

Speech On Youth In English ( 200 Words )

Good afternoon to one and all who are present over here for listening to me. I am blessed to have this golden opportunity for addressing today’s respectable crowd on the topic of Youth as I am going to give a speech on this wonderful topic.

Youth is the most remarkable and susceptible phase of life. A person learns to identify herself or himself during this stage and the youths also crave respect and recognition.

The youths try to understand the world in their way and they also have a different outlook about everything in life. They are an important and essential part of society, and they shape the future of the country as there is a bright future for any nation. It is of utmost importance and is also imperative to have faith and believe in the youths.

They are often attracted to addictions such as drugs due to their inquisitive nature. These sensitive issues are to be dealt with and addressed with care.

In conclusion, I would like to make some points out that the youths are intelligent and sharp, and they must work accordingly as to what they want from life.

Speech On Youth In English ( 300 Words )

In any nation, there is a crucial part of the youth machinery that shapes the destiny of the nation. These are the individuals who can help bring a massive and desirable change in our society.

There are several instances in history which prove the contribution of youth to the development of the nation in the direction of uplift and progress. Indian youth were very crucial and important in bringing independence and freedom movement in the nation. Gandhi Ji, Nehru Ji, and other national leaders rely heavily on the youth of our nation for achieving Swaraj’s goal.

50% of the population in our nation constitute the youth and their massive and high enthusiasm and energy should not be immature. It should be used for economic, cultural, political, and social reconstruction. If he or she is right then his or her energy should be used, else he or she will wander, can join in an anti-social or undesirable approach, thus damaging the society. They should be encouraged to the maximum strength for aiding in the development of India.

The youth should be educated to create a society, and they should pledge to create and develop a society that is free from the evils of dowry, child marriage, caste, and angry prejudices. Several organizations are busy eliminating these evils, but this task can be easy if youths are actively involved in the process. Youth can help in creating a new social order and facilitate the improvement process.

The young people or the youth should generally understand their abilities at least and be aware of their abilities. Efforts should be made to encourage them. Many a time there are these youth centers that can help prepare them for travel, trek, etc. – for difficulties they will face in their lives.

Therefore, the youth can spread the message of national integration.

Speech On Youth In English ( 400 Words )

Youth are an integral part of a nation and a nation that has hard-working,  curious, energetic, and hard-working youth and is able to provide them with ample opportunities to grow and work builds a strong base for their own development.

Youth of India

Around sixty-five percent of the Indian population consists of youth and there have been many hard-working and talented youth in our nation who have made the nation proud. The youth in India is keen on learning new things and is enthusiastic. The youth of our country excels in every field, be it in the field of science, technology, or sports.

Why Empower the Youth?

Here is why there is a need to empower the young generation of the nation:

  • Helping them attain skills and knowledge for their professional and personal growth.
  • Helping them explore their interests.
  • Bringing out their hidden potential.
  • Sensitizing them about the issues and problems in the society and educating them on how to contribute towards eradicating the same.
  • Enabling them exchange between youth belonging to many parts of the nation as well as other nations.

Empowerment of Youth in India

The government of India and our honorable Prime Minister also aim at youth-led development. The young generation must play an active role in the development and growth of the nation rather than being at the receiving end. The government of the nation has launched the National Youth Policy in order to empower and encourage young minds. This is aimed at channelizing the potential of the young generation in the correct direction which would in turn help in strengthening the development of the country as a whole.

Several education programs have also been launched for ensuring that every child in our nation gets an education. The government of India does not make gender discrimination and so, with the intent to empower the girls in the country, the government has launched programs such as the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao program.

The Department of Youth Affairs is also actively involved in the empowerment of the young generation and it has launched many initiatives for enhancing the leadership qualities and other skills of the young generation in the nation.


A country that focuses on its youth and empowers them by way of many programs and initiatives is moving in the right direction. Our country is working towards building intelligent and strong youth.

It can easily develop a feeling of praise for other people’s religion, culture, languages, and languages, and make our nation a more comfortable place to live.

Speech On Youth In English ( 500 Words )

I feel overwhelmed by welcoming everyone to this event with all my heart. Good morning ladies and gentlemen who are present here, today I am going to deliver a speech about youth.

Youth is a massive and remarkable gift of life and is a particular period and stage of life when an individual is between adulthood and childhood.

Youth is a lifetime experience that shapes a human being and his or her thinking. Youth creates the level of dependency and marks ways according to several cultural perspectives. The youths are always driven by fantasy, liberty, and freedom at this specific phase of life. The youths feel the power for speaking and to express their views without any fear.

But it must be noted that every step must be planned and calculated, and all these steps must be exercised cautiously. It is preferably the most appropriate and best phase of life where an individual must try to achieve and accomplish the dual goals of intelligence and character.

Youth is a period of uncertainty where everything seems to ferment and is a critical and crucial age of development. There is a pretty and beautiful blend of an adult’s personality and a child’s attitude at this stage. For example, the youths can be selfish and behave childishly about a matter one day, and the next day he or she is completely selfless about that matter.

Not to forget, at this phase of life, an individual can turn very rebellious as this age is full of being skeptical, and sorts, judgemental attitude, muscle, heroism, stimulation, toughness, curiosity. As a result, the youths can easily develop an attitude of absolute rationale and judgment.

The youths also play a very important and vital role in building the country as the future of the country mostly depends on them. Each youth is equally responsible for the nation’s future as they represent it at each level and they are like the building blocks for the nation.

As the youths are very enthusiastic and energetic, their ability to adapt to the environment and learn new skills is quite good. They have an urge to act and learn accordingly which will help them accomplish and achieve their goals.

With all these big responsibilities comes a very prevalent and significant problem, drug abuse. The youths can be failing to cope with it might push them towards using drugs and be susceptible to it. Peer pressure and poor parenting are some of the main reasons behind the youths getting addicted to drugs.

The issue and problem of drug abuse in the youths must be looked after and must be addressed. These problems and issues must be dealt with tactfully and are compassionate.

To conclude, youth is the best period of a person’s life. One must start working towards their aim of life, develop a passion, and cherish his or her dreams. The youths must protect themselves from any harm and keep their eyes wide open, a problem or an issue that is bothering must be acknowledged and discussed. They play a critical role in the development of society and they must always remember they are not alone.



The youths are kind and humble, but they also believe in ideologies and power.  They have the potential to bring revolution and are progressive in their thinking. With their talent and vigor, the youths are able to build up society and inspire others to do the same.

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